L’ORĒAL Pure Clay Cleanser Exfoliate-Refine

I have been eyeing these for a while and was really interested in trying it. L’OREAL launched this line several years ago and it has been steadily growing. There are several products in this line consisting of 5 clay face masks and 3 cleansers.

The Masks

  • Clarify & Smooth
  • Clear & Comfort
  • Exfoliate & Refine
  • Purify & Mattify

The Cleansers

  • Detox & Brighten
  • Exfoliate & Refine
  • Purify & Mattify

Clay is a great ingredient in face products because clay is a natural ingredient that is very beneficial inn removing impurities such as dirt, oil, makeup from your face.

There are 3 Pure Clay Cleansers available… {Detox & Brighten, Exfoliate & Refine, and Purify & Mattify}.

Each of the clay cleansers contain 3 pure clays and another natural ingredient.

These are Clay-To-Moose.

What does that mean? To be honest I was wondering that myself. First off don’t think “hair moose” because it’s not like that. When you first put it on your hand it is a creamy clay like texture that is somewhat thick in consistency. As you add water, you will notice that it will thin out some (but not totally disappear), but it never becomes a traditional moose.

Exfoliate-Refine Clay-To-Moose

The packaging on this one says that it…

Removes everyday impurities (dirt, oil, pollution)

This cleanser contains 3 Pure Clays and Red Alge

  • Kaolin > this clay will absorb impurities and any extra oil on your face
  • Montmorillonite > this one will balance out your skin, purify, and reduce any small imperfections
  • Ghassoul > this one will absorb any impurities and oil without making your skin too dry while leaving your skin smooth and fresh
  • Red Alge > this is the exfoliating aspect of this cleanser

This is a mild cleanser that you can use everyday. It is RED, that’s not just the bottle but the color of the actual product. It is a pretty thick cleanser.

It is an exfoliant but not a harsh one. Making it a great option for a daily cleanser. I use it in the shower so the washing up was easy. I read one reviewer that said it was a little hard to wash off and could be a little messy, so just be aware.

It does have a fragrance. To me I would describe it as pleasantly earthy. Personally, I don’t mind the fragrance.

Would I recommend this product?

Yes, I have it in my shower and use it daily.

Outfit Details and Other Stuff

L’OREAL Pure Clay Cleanser * SWEATSHIRT {not the exact one but a similar one AMAZON} * Camo Joggers {not the exact ones but similar ones AMAZON

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