Product Review: Maybelline Snapscara

“Smooth, clean volume and defined eyelashes. On & off in a snap. Not clumpy. Not flaky.”

That’s what the Maybeline website has to say about it’s new mascara Snapscara. The company launched their new mascara earlier this year and I was eager to try it. Honestly, I’m a diehard L’OREAL mascara wearer but I’m always willing to give anything a try.

This mascara is wax-free.

Why does that matter you ask? wax is used in mascaras to bind the ingredients together. It is what helps mascara stick to our lashes which is good…but sometimes it’s kind of a pain to get off.

That’s where this mascara comes in…

“This easy on, easy off formula applies effortlessly and removes in a snap…”


And that’s the absolute truth of the matter.

This mascara absolutely does come off in a SNAP.

I have been using this for several weeks because I wanted to see if this claim is true…it is. The easiest mascara I’ve ever tried to remove.

I used my regular remover…it came off. I used eye makeup remover…it came off. I used micellar water…it came off. I used soap and water in the shower…it came off. I used makeup remover wipes…it came off.

Now, sure regular mascara would come off with some or all of the above but the difference with Snapscara is you would about have to scrub your eyelashes off. Not with this one.


The Details

The washable mascara comes in five colors

  • Black Cherry
  • Bold Brown
  • Deja Blue
  • Pitch Black
  • Ultra Violet

What this mascara isn’t?

Don’t expect this mascara to be dramatic. It won’t be. This won’t be your make a statement with your eyelashes mascara. It’s more subtle.

This is the mascara that you use on a no or very little makeup day. This is the mascara that you may reach for during the day but not for night or special occasions.

That doesn’t make it a bad product, it isn’t, I just wanted you to have all the information.

Would I recommend this product?

If you’re a girl who absolutely HATES taking off your mascara, then YES, this is the product for you.

If you’re a girl with sensitive eyes, this was made for you.

If you’re a girl who likes everyone to know you have on some awesome mascara, nope, your might not like this one,

Will this replace my go-to LOREAL mascara?

Nope! Although, I loved the ease of removal of this one that isn’t as important to me as a set of dramatic eyelashes!

Click HERE to order if you want to give it a try!

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