This or That: Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Powder Bronzer or Rimmel London Natural Bronzer

All summer I have reviewed several bronzers. To me bronzer screams summer, truthfully though they can be used all year. They are great tools to have in your makeup drawer because they are handy to whip out and use on those days when you are rushed for time.

The are a couple things a bronzer should NOT be…

  • too orange
  • too shimmery
  • too brown

Bronzers have to be…just right.

This is why finding the right bronzer, and really any makeup product, that fits you is trial and error. Of course, some things are easy. If you are a girl with oily skin, shimmer is not your friend. If you are a girl with dry skin you have to be careful of matte products because they can be too drying.

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Powder

The interesting element with this bronzer is that is is oil-control. This one is an oil-free powder that will keep your skin free from shine.

The website says this about the product..

“Sweep it on and the smooth. oil-free powder gives face, shoulders, a seductive bronze look. Unique oil-control complex helps keep skin shine-free.”

More than one review of this product claimed that this bronzer was

“…perfectly balancing pigmentation with shimmer”

Estee Lauder has given the world a bronzer that is natural and illuminating. Not to mention the tortoise cover is beautiful.

It also cost $45.

Rimmel London Natural Bronzer

This bronzer, according to many reviews, will give you the same sun-kissed look as the Estee Lauder product at a MUCH lower price.

This one is VERY EASY to use and can be used on all skin types. It is bendable. Like the Estee Lauder one this one is somewhat matte making it a good choice for skin prone to become oily. It is also waterproof and it will last you all day.

It is also…NOT…ORANGE. In fact it is a beautiful gold color.

This one comes in three shades…Sun Bronze…Sun Dance…Sun Light. I purchased the shade Sun Light, and I LOVE it.

This one will cost you $3.97 (just a bit of a price difference)!

Which product would I recommend?

The Rimmel London…without a doubt, although I haven’t personally ever tried the EL one. It is a quality product at an awesome price.

I have been testing this for several weeks and it has become a product I use almost every time I put on make up. I have used it with my tinted moisturizer and I have used it alone. If you decide to purchase I don’t think you will be sorry!

Go HERE if you wish to purchase,

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