Product Review: LOREAL Visible Lift Luminous Serum Tint

As I was checking out a couple of new foundations, I saw this. It isn’t a new product but it just hasn’t come across my radar until then. I grabbed it and decided to give it a try.

I liked it immediately upon trying it. Basically, it is a tinted moisturizer but it is a more matte product than the Lumi Glotion I love and hold dear to my heart. If you have tried the Lumi Glotion and think it’s too sparkly for your liking then this product would be more your speed.

The Loreal website says this about this product…

“The lightweight and sheer tinted moisturizer for mature skin smooths fine lines and wrinkles while evening our skin tone.”

The moisturizer is made with many ingredients used in hydrating your skin like Vitamin E. However, just because it is a tinted “moisturizer” this won’t replace using a good solid moisturizer under it.

This can be used alone or under foundation kinda like a primer.

How did I use it?

  • At first I used it alone, and I loved it that way. I just added my bronzer, highlight, and blush on top of it like you would any foundation.
  • I also used it under Glotion…which I know sounds crazy since they are both tinted moisturizers. I really liked it though. It, like good primers do, gave the Glotion a good foundation to apply smoothly and because it is matte it didn’t add any extra “glow”.

It comes in five shades…it does have a tint but it is very mild. Tinted moisturizers are by definition very light in coverage; if your a girl that loves full or even medium coverage this wouldn’t be something you would like on it’s on. However, I would suggest using it under your favorite foundation. I believe you would love it.

  • Pearl
  • Rose
  • Honey
  • Gold (the color I used)
  • Amber

If you wish to purchase go HERE

Go HERE to read my post on this product.
Go HERE to purchase.

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