Product Review: Dove Dermacare Scalp Anti-Dandruff Shampoo | Soothing Moisture

Oily Hair Girls….Listen up!

I have a product for you. My girl, Elle-Catherine, has oily hair. Actually, she has the hard to deal with unique combination of oily hair + dry scalp. If you have this as well then you know her pain.

Honestly, if you have oily hair in general…then you fell her pain.

You can’t just grab any product off the shelf and use it on your hair. That could be disastrous. Oily hair comes from the overproduction of sebum from the sebaceous glands in your scalp. Sebum is beneficial to your hair but too much of it isn’t a welcome event. Instead, too much sebum produces greasy hair.

Elle-Catherine and I have worked for YEARS to get her hair just right. In fact, she was the first person I ever started researching products for. Back when she was younger I even made her shampoo, by combining different products with certain beneficial ingredients into one that would help her.

Fast forward to today and we don’t have to do that anymore. There have been SO MANY new and innovative products released for oily hair in the last few years, even more so this year. This year is like the year of the oily hair girl.

Anyway this is the most recent product that EC has tried.

What was her results?

She l o v e d it…like absolutely LOVED it.

The smell

This was the first thing she remarked about when she finished it the first time. The smell is awesome. If you are familiar with anti-dandruff shampoo they don’t always smell the best. Not so with this one.

Does it work?

This is really they money question. Right? the one thing y’all want to know.

Yes, it works. Not only does it keep her hair less oily…and it really does. She has NEVER been able to go more than one day without a wash. EC is a every day washer (I mean if she is going in public anyway.) However, when she uses this shampoo she is able to go a day in between washes. For an oily hair girl, this is a major feat. This isn’t something she does all the time but it is beneficial when she needs to.

Her hair is also silky smooth and just clean looking. Not that her hair isn’t always like this, of course it is. With this one though, it’s just different.

Would Elle-Catherine recommend this?

Yes, give this one a try. She loves it and is on her second bottle. I did mention that there are lots of anti-dandruff products hitting shelves this year. Thankfully, she has agreed to be my tester!

Go HERE if you want to purchase

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