Product Review: Garnier SkinActive Ultra-Lift Eye Cream

I got this in my stocking this past Christmas…girls, my guy always gives great skin care in my stocking. Anyway, I’ve been using this as my “day-time eye cream” ever since. For night I use a ROC product.

I love this for day because it is light enough to use under makeup while at the same time being a really great eye cream. I mean, girls, our mornings are precious and we want to make sure we use each minute effectively. No one has time for products that won’t work.

The bottle calls this an “Anti-Wrinkle Firming Eye Cream”

What does that mean exactly?

Eye creams are actually pretty important. I’m sure you may have asked yourself if it’s necessary to have a separate eye cream.

Actually it is…

The skin around your eyes is VERY FRAGILE I’m going to say it again…it…is…DELICATE. So, absolutely no hard rubbing regardless of what you decide to put on your eyes.

It’s because of that delicate skin that it is best to use a cream specially formulated for the eye. Yes, you could slather on the same moisturizer you use on your face under your eye but that same moisturizer could contain compounds that could irritate your under eyes.

What about this product?

The Garnier website says that this product

“reduces crow’s feet, tightens and lifts…”

This eye cream contains a Pro-Retinol (this is a naturally occurring form of Vitamin A), Caffeine, and Rice Peptides.

I mentioned that this eye cream was light enough for day wear but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t moisturizing. It is…I have written a lot about how important staying moisturized is for your skin.

It’s the MOST important thing you can do for your skin. This eye cream would absolutely help you to do that.

Is it necessary for you t vo have more than one eye cream for night and day? Nope, definitely not. One really good effective eye cream is all you really need.

Would I recommend this product?

Yes, absolutely! If you don’t currently have an eye cream (YOU SERIOUSLY NEED ONE) or if you’re looking for something new. Try this one out.

Click HERE for a link to purchase.

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