Amazon Prime Day…What do you need to know about it?

Curtesy of amazon

If you are a new reader to my blog then you might not know how much I LOVE Amazon. I do. I have an intense love for it. It’s my go-to when I am searching for anything.

I’m familiar with Nordstrom but it’s not my norm. Amazon, not that’s my wheelhouse.

So, Prime Day…

When is it?

photo curtesy of Amazon

July 15 and July 16 It starts on midnight on the 15th

What is it?

First off it’s exclusive. You HAVE to be a Prime Member in order to shop the deals.

Since everyone is all about Christmas in July, think of this as Black Friday in July.

Actually, it was first started to celebrate Amazon’s 20th Anniversary back in 2015. This has been such a hit for them that they are extending the hours of the sale to…


Yes, you will have 48 hours to save on some awesome things.

What is available?

While it is true that everyone wants those hot ticket tech items, and there are some great tech items on sale. There will be many many things in beauty, home, school essentials, and clothing!

How does the sale work?

Amazon will put up an item for sale but it won’t be available all day. That particular item will only be on sale for a certain amount of time. Some of the items are available in limited quantities, so when they sell out they are gone.

What am I going to do during the sale?

I’m going to keep you updated. There will be a tab here on the blog titled Amazon Prime Day where I will put those items with longer time limits. I will monitor them and remove them when they expire.

Don’t worry I will keep you informed on my Instagram and my FaceBook.

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