Product Review: HASK Monoi Coconut Dry Shampoo

Little did I know that when I reached for that orangy peach bottle the axis of my world would shift. Dramatic? Yes, absolutely dramatic, but true too.

For years my go to gotta have OG dry shampoo was HASK Chia Seed. I remember talking about it on Instagram before I ever even had a blog. I was just passing on a favorite find. Nothing I ever tried replaced it. I have tried some good dry shampoos that were great products but not great enough for me to give up the Chia Seed.

Until this one…

As much as I loved the Chia Seed one I love this one 100% more.

I was actually shocked at how well this worked. You girls know, cause I’ve told you, my goal is to keep my hair first day clean on fourth day dirty.

This stuff helps me to accomplish that, true I have other products that I use too but this one is the winner at the roots.

It’s a HASK product (and yes, I know I talk about them a lot) so you know that it will be sulfate and paraben free,

The label says this is a

…Long lasting oil absorption formula

I would completely agree. It is. I use the same process that I always have by spraying in at night before bed and in the morning before styling my hair, but the results are crazy good.

This is made with Monoi Coconut…what is that?

It comes from the Polynesian Island of Tahiti, and it is a blend of pure coconut oil and Tahitian gardenia flowers.

As you might can guess the smell is AMAZING and it further freshens up your hair by making it smell delicious.

What does this mean for my beloved Chia Seed?

Never fear, I still use it. Technically it is a volumizing dry shampoo. Used when you want a little extra lift to your hair. So, I use it after I put on the coconut one.

Would I recommend this product?

YES!!!! Absolutely

I’m linking both the Monoi Coconut (HERE) and the Chia Seed (HERE) in case you want to give them a try.

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