Sunburn 101

Sometimes, no matter how many times you apply and reapply sunscreen you end up with a sunburn. It’s happened to all of us. Mostly we reach for the tried and true aloe vera gel. While that might be effective, I’ve found some other options for you to try.

Take an Ibuprophen

Sunburn is inflammation and anything you can take that will reduce it will help in both your pain situation and your redness.

Take a Cool Shower

This isn’t new information, of course. Our mom’s have told us this for years and really who hasn’t enjoyed cool water on burned flesh! It’s a joyful feeling.

However, here is something that maybe your mom never told you. While you’re in that cool shower, use an aloe vera based shower gel. Aloe Vera contains a compound called Aloin. This gives the plant it’s anti-inflammatory properties and makes it beneficial to those of us suffering from sunburns. We all know how awesome aloe vera gel is on sunburn.

I did a brief search for some aloe vera based shower gels

Use a Concealer

Recently, I did a post on concealers (read it HERE). In that post, I discussed the benefits of using color correcting concealers. This will be especially helpful when we have a sunburn.

Particularly the green color corrector. Green is used to neutralize red. So, obviously this is the one we should reach for when we have a sunburn. Using this will help hide the red. As I stated in the post, use it sparingly. It’s another “little goes a long way” type of situation.

Below is my favorite green color corrector

Don’t Cake on the Foundation

Not only would heavy foundation be extremely uncomfortable to your sunburned face, but it would also NOT look unattractive. A tinted foundation would be a better option. It is best to choose one a shade darker than your pre-sunburn shade. If you already have a tinted moisturizer that’s great, if not HERE is a post about my favorite.

Use Lotion

This isn’t groundbreaking information. We all know to use moisturizers when we have a sunburn but are we using the right kind of lotion.

  • Ceramides are fatty lipids that help our skin retain moisture. They help to form a barrier that keep the good stuff in and the bad stuff out! For sunburned skin this moisture is so important because it will help aid in keeping skin from peeling.
  • Vitamin E Oil vitamin E is an antioxidant that can be useful to decrease the inflammation of your skin it will also help keep your skin moisturized and your peeling skin from itching too bad. This one can be used topically or taken by mouth to heal from the inside out.
  • Use a thick Moisturizer use this one last as a barrier to hold in all the goodness that you have added onto your sunburn.

Drink Water

It always seems to come down to the H2O, doesn’t it. It is fundamental to our health in both our body and our skin. When we have a sunburn, the affected skin will draw all the moisture in your body up to it. Mainly because that skin needs all the moisture it can get to repair the damage. Since the sunburned skin will “steal” all the water you usually drink in a day, your body needs extra water to take care of normal stuff and repairing the damage. So, drink extra. If you don’t drink lots of water regularly start even if you don’t have a sunburn.

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