Concealers, What do all those colors mean?

Concealers, these are a girls best friend. Even if you aren’t a huge makeup person, a concealer could be beneficial to you. They just make everything look even.

What are they?

To put it simply, concealers are color correctors that can be used to cover up or mask things like dark circles, age spots, large pores. They are sort of like foundation but thicker. If your face has different pigmentations on it you can mask those by blending it into the surrounding skin.

As you can tell, there are all kinds of uses for concealers. I didn’t even mention one of the best uses for this product…covering up those pesky pimples that crop up on our face from time to time. Usually at very inopportune moments.

Concealers come in different colors…not just shades but colors. Of course, they come in different shades that can match all the beautiful skin tones of every woman but they come in colors that can help us too.


This one is AWESOME. Green concealers camouflage redness. Don’t be scared, it won’t look red on your skin. What it will do is make those red spots disappear before your eyes. Literally, it neutralizes the red where you can’t see it, very much like the camouflage I compared it to. Use this one under your foundation.


This one will brighten up your skin. If maybe you have been up a lot with the kiddos or not sleeping well and your skin looks dull, this one will liven up your skin.


Yellow is good for those girls that have a little bit of redness but not deep dark red. It is also good at concealing anything that is purple in tone. Any bruise or veins and some under eye circles can be hidden with a yellow corrector.


This one might seem a little more scary than the others. I mean RED. Well, don’t be scared it could come in handy for you. This one is used for covering up those dark circles under your eyes. They will camouflage blue and gray undertones. CAUTION…apply this only to your dark areas

This one can come in different shades for different skin tones…

  • Pink is good for those with lighter skin tones who have dark under eye circles
  • Orange is good if you have darker skin tones and dark circles

Here are some tips…

  • If you don’t need a color don’t use it.
  • REMEMBER this is a SPOT treatment and not something that you should use all over. Use only one the areas that need it. Just a little bit goes a LONG way.
  • Choose the right hue for your skin tone. Like everything else dealing with makeup you have to consider your skin coloring.
  • Use in thin layers only. The color correcting tints should not show through your foundation.

Some drugstore color correcting concealer choices for you:

Click on the name for a link


This one is a three-in-one product that acts like a concealer, primer, and powder. The three colors are also beneficial the pink will brighten, the green will reduce redness, and the yellow will add warmth.



This is a budget friendly option if you want to give color correctors a try.


This one is good for medium and heavy and a small amount will cover a large area. It also contains emollients (moisturizers) that will help to keep your under eye hydrated.


I love these and use them on the daily.


When L.A. Girl launched their concealer they immediately because a cult favorite. Even those girls who swear by prestige products only will use these They are just so good I can’t even begin to tell you.

These are full coverage. They don’t crease. They are long wearing.

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