Product Review: Wet n Wild Perfect Pout Gel Lip Liner

Wet n Wild Perfect Pout Gel Lip Liner

Do you use a lip liner…or is it something that you consider unnecessary or maybe too time consuming…maybe you think that it’s just another useless beauty step?

If this is you…STOP…Stop girl, right now!

You need to use lip liner. There are some reasons behind my saying this…

  • it will prolong the wear of any lipstick you apply
  • it will help your lipgloss or lipstick not bleed out all over your lips (girls, this is not a good look for anyone)
  • it will act like a “glue” or “foundation” to help your lipstick adhere to your lips better
  • it will act as a corrector or definer r for uneven or thin lips when you desire a more “plumping” look

Perhaps you have heard someone say that lip liner is outdated…well, that’s FALSE.

Even if you aren’t a huge lipstick wearing gal, you can benefit for lip liner. While researching for this post, I found this awesome life hack.

Take a nude lip liner, line the outside of your lips, then add clear lipgloss for the perfect “pout” effect.

If you feel that the liner makes your lips dry, it might be easier for you to rub on some lip balm prior to applying lipliner.

A word of CAUTION here…in order to avoid that outline effect when your lipstick wears off, simply color in between the lines. Before you apply the lipstick fill in your entire lip with the liner, this will help you avoid that dreaded outline.

Make sure that your lipliner shade matches your lipstick. Absolutely DO NOT allow your liner to be darker than your lip shade!

Recently, I tried Wet n Wilds Gel Lip Liner.

You girls know how much I love WnW but this is the first time I have ever used a lipliner from them.

This one is a gel-liner. There are a few options in lipliners…the “pencil” kind that requires you to sharpen it as you use it. The “gel-liner” is a softer pencil that you twist to retract the product up and down.

I have purchased and used three shades from this collection.

  • Bare to Comment…this one is my favorite! It’s a beautiful neutral.
  • Never Petal Down…this one is pink
  • Think Flamingo…this one is an orangey coral color

I am sure I will own all of them eventually!

Would I recommend these??

Available Colors on Walmart


Go HERE if you want to purchase!

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