Vacation Packing: The Beauty Bag

This, as you might imagine, is my jam. What I pack in my beauty bag is as important to me as what goes in my clothing bag. I think that what YOU are going to pack in your beauty bag is important too. That’s why I decided to write a post about it.

I imagine some girls go into their bathroom and grab stuff at random, shove it into a bag and walk out their door headed to paradise. Is this you? Honestly, this used to be me. Not now, though. Now, I write a detailed list of EVERYTHING I will need on my trip (even weekend trips).

I think it’s important to figure our what type of girl are you on vacation. Do you refuse to wear any make up deciding to keep everything natural and easy? Do you decide to take your time getting ready just enjoying the no-hurry vibe of vacation? Do you do exactly the same routine as you use during your everyday life?

In yesterday’s post on Vacation Packing (read it HERE), I discussed the importance of considering where you are going. That will absolutely help you to decide what goes into your beauty bag.

For example, if we were going to the beach I would take a LOT more makeup choices because I love getting ready at the beach. Now Disney, where we are headed soon, is different. I won’t take a lot of makeup because I won’t wear a whole lot.

We are driving not flying, if we were flying that would of course limit my beauty bag choices.

Below I have gathered everything that will go into my beauty bag for this trip.

My “Beauty Bag”..

Actually it’s a vintage piece I inherited from my mother. I know that this isn’t everyone’s vibe and that’s cool. In Thursday’s post, I will give you some options of great travel beauty bags that might be more your taste!

Put a Lid on it…

You know those pesky lids that most of us like to throw away in the garbage as soon as we get a new product? Well, don’t. Save them. They will come in handy when packing so that your stuff won’t leak out creating a messy start to your vacay.

Hair Stuff…

Recently I did a post about how important it is to take care of your hair in summer. This is why my hair section is so vast. As I have mentioned before, I only wash my hair twice a week (Wednesday and Saturday, actually) I’m assuming that I will do the same thing on vacay but I might take an extra hair mask just in case. If we were going to the beach I would anticipate washing it more.

Why a hair mask? I’m a proponent for hair masks 52 weeks a year but even more so in summer. The summer sun wherever you are is so hard on your hair. These are full of goodies that will add moisture to your dry strands. I”m starting a new series called “Hair Mask Thursday” (real original I know). In those posts, I will review the two hair masks that I have used that week.

Also, I won’t actually take the full size products. I will use either travel or most likely smaller bottles to make more space! I would caution you in the products that you know you will use a lot of (DRY SHAMPOO) I will bring the full size!

Face Stuff…

If you have followed me for any length of time then you know that I have A LOT more skincare products. This isn’t even half of what I use. If we were going on a winter vacation I would bring more but since it is summer and my skin isn’t as dry I only picked a few.

I will be taking the RoC Daily Moisturizer it has an SPF. I just neglected to put it in the picture.

Any time you change your environment or your routine. Maybe you are eating different types of food or drinking less water. Anything, really, can bring out a breakout. Make sure that you pack something that can help with the inevitable zit.

Body Stuff…

As you might can imagine, I have a lot of body lotion. I could have picked from a number of options. I chose this one because it is a great moisturizer with out being too heavy. I have featured this on Featured Products but it was a “blue” version. This has a light floral scent and the container is a bit smaller.

I chose this sunless tanner because it is quick and easy to use. It dries faster than any I have ever used before making it a good choice for this vacay (HERE is my review of it).

Makeup Stuff…

I chose my favorite (of the moment) makeup stuff. My goal is a “Five Minute Face” and I know myself, I have to limit my options or I won’t be able to meet that goal.

The Beauty Bag…

I know this is a LOT of stuff and it will all fit (maybe), I will do a video of the actual packing of the beauty bag.

As I’m typing this I realize I didn’t share anything earth shattering in this post. Most of the information is most likely things you do already. If not, I hope that you give some thought

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