Vacation Packing

The countdown app on my phone says 19 days till Disney..this is both exciting and scary. Exciting because…hey, it’s Walt Disney World and scary because…hey, I’m not anywhere near ready to leave.

This made me wonder, how do you girls handle vacation packing.

What kind of packer are you?

  • Are you the planner? the girl who makes a list months in advance listing every single item she will need and then packing nothing but what is on the list.
  • Are you the over-packer? the girl who puts everything in her closet in her suitcase…cause we need choices.
  • Are you the packer of only what you absolutely need? you know the girl, you are going to be gone five days so you only take 5 outfits (this is not me in case you were wondering)
  • Are you the last minute packer? the one who stays up late throwing everything in your closet into your suitcase hoping something matches once you get there.
  • Are you the family packer? the girl who packs for everyone, making sure that everybody has exactly what they need on their trip, but will inevitably put herself last.

Maybe, this describes you…maybe not…maybe a mixture of all of the above is more descriptive of you.

In a perfect world we would be the best of all the above.

  • The planner…we all NEED to plan…we need to write down exactly what we will require while on our trip. I believe that we can and will enjoy our trips if we have what we need. Nothing like realizing you forgot your favorite pair of shoes at home.
  • The Over-Packer…sometimes we need choices…maybe, not 15 but 2 is a great number!
  • The Last-Minute Packer…yeah, this one is never ever a good idea.
  • The Family Packer…I understand this, being a mom, I get it, Mom’s have to pack for our families. However, what is bad news is when we do so much for everyone else but we leave ourselves for last. That’s never good, it is your vacation too, right?

So, what was my point to all that? Not sure really, maybe to get you thinking about how you handle vacations.

I realize that it is an absolute blessing whenever we are able to take vacations, and I don’t take that for granted. Since they are such blessings, shouldn’t we do everything we can to make sure we enjoy it to the last minute.

My suggestions……

Although, I don’t think it’s necessary to go overboard in planning, I do believe that everyone needs a LIST. That list can be as detailed or vague as we like but we need to have some idea of what we want to take.

Even if we are the FAMILY PACKER that doesn’t mean we have to wait until the very LAST MINUTE to think about ourselves. As you are packing for everyone else, at least give some mind space to everything you will need.

Maybe, where you are going determines how you pack. This is absolutely the case for me. I am a complete OVER-PACKER when we head to the beach. However, for Walt Disney World I am the complete opposite. I will only carry the amount I need plus a few extras. So, give some thought to your destination as you are planning.

Do you buy new stuff before heading on vacation?

I imagine some of you are saying “No, cause I’m going to buy stuff while I’m there!” and some are probably thinking. “Well, duh, of course.”

Me? again, this comes down to destination.

The beach | nope, I don’t usually buy new things.

Walt Disney World | yep, this one requires some new purchases.

Below I’m listing what I’m purchasing new to add to what I’m taking with us! I tried to do it on a budget and I chose to head to Amazon for my choices.

The Fun-Stuff but not necessarily needed…

Do I need these? Well, no, I mean my love for oversized sunglasses is well documented but why not. Also, just an FYI but these are a dupe for some Gucci sunglasses.

One could make the argument that I actually do need these because it is Walt Disney World after all and there will be tons of walking…

These just happen to be a dupe for these Golden Goose sneakers that are a mere $515

Golden Goose $515

The Dresses…

I LOVE a dress in summer, especially when the weather is really hot. I like my shorts don’t get me wrong but nothing beats a dress for comfort! Below are some that have been hanging out in my cart for a LONG time!

TOPONSKY Casual Plain Short Sleeve T-Shirt Dress $16.99
This link says maternity but this is obviously NOT a maternity dress so I’m assuming it’s a typo.
Relipop V-Neck Leopard Dress $15.99
I featured this one on my post about Graduation Dress Options and I have loved it ever since.

In tomorrow’s post, I’m talking about what is in my beauty bag and how do I determine what goes and what stays!

2 thoughts on “Vacation Packing

    1. Oh my goodness! This comment just showed up…clearly I have no clue how to work this thing!! To answer your question…yes, kind of. It is tinted with a bronzer that isn’t too dark but will give you some color. However, I prefer the LOREAL Luminous Bronzer for a deeper instant color!


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