Product Review: Konjac Sponge

Konjac Sponge…That might not be a word you use everyday, but you might need to add one to your beauty routine

What is a Konjac Sponge?

A Japanese product that is a 100% natural sponge made from the vegetable fiber of the konjac root. It has a soft texture that is safe and gentle to the skin. These sponges are great at washing away dirt and oil from our skin.

They naturally nourish with Vitamins A , B, C, D and E.

Some research suggest that Konjac can help prevent the bacteria that produces acne, but there isn't any hard evidence to support this. However, we do know regular and through washing of our face is crucial to preventing acne.

They were invented by Japanese farmers who first used them on babies because they are so gentle.

And Why do we need it?

They are a great way to treat your clogged pores and acne, on a DAILY BASIS. Konjac Sponges have natural fibers that will help unclog pores creating a smoother and clearer complexion. If you have dry patches or eczema and are prone to blackheads a Konjac Sponge could be of use to you. 

They can come infused with many different types of additives such as charcoal, bamboo, chamomile, and orange...for instance they come in different colors to indicate what it might contain.

Using a konjac sponge is a great way to multi-task, you can cleanse and exfoliate in one step...DAILY, have I mentioned that?

How do you use it?

They are meant to be used twice a day (here, it is again...DAILY) along with your favorite face wash. Simply wet with water...let it soak for about 10 to 20 minutes (if it's the first time to use it)... and use in a circular motion all over your face. Once you are finished, rinse it out and hang it up to dry. 

Since these sponges a super gentle, more so than a scrub, you can use them everyday (shocker, I know, DAILY) . They can be used on sensitive skin.

The more you use it the more radiant and glowing your skin will become.

Recently I had to pleasure of meeting a new friend. Several years ago she founded her own company, where she hand-makes awesome beauty products that are good for you. Her company, Mammy’s Soap Company, is opening a store in Selmer and she has graciously asked me to help her decorate it. This, the decorating, is so easy because her soap is beautiful ( I never thought of soap as beautiful, until I saw hers.) Anyway, she gave me this konjac sponge to try out and I LOVE IT!

Mine is the orange infused one

HERE is a link to check out her website.

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