Everything Old Comes Back Again…

If you are older than say, fifteen, you have seen this happen. Those styles that you “used to wear” will once again make their way back into mainstream fashion. If you are fifteen and haven’t seen this happen, trust me it will, so save those really cool things you have!

Anyway, where am I going with this?

Scrunchies and hair barrettes…

yep, that’s where I’m headed.

I don’t exactly know how to refer to myself, am I a “Child of the 80’s or 90’s” I graduated high school in the 90’s, so I sort of consider myself more from that era than the 80’s. Either way, we have to give those ‘Sister’s of the 80’s” some props. I mean some of their fashion choices were…interesting. However, they where doing something right when they wore those scrunchies.

Tight ponytails are AWESOME and one of my favorite ways to style my hair BUT they are super hard on your hair. No denying that tight ponytails will cause breakage. Loose styles are so much better for your hair than tight. One way to achieve that loose style is with a scrunchie.


Trust me when I say that you can find these everywhere now, scrunchies are making a HUGE comeback.

I immediately went to my favorite shopping place | Amazon | and found these options for you! When I typed in “scrunchies” there were literally 9,000 search results. If you don’t like any of these there are definitely other options.

Hair Barrettes

Remember when we would put the sides of our hair back in cool barrettes? Well, we are about to do that again. These are so trendy right now!

Here are some options I found for you girls on Amazon.

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