Summer Hair Care

As I mentioned earlier in the week, summer is all about your hair. In winter, our skin needs moisture. Summer skin, however, is good plenty of humidity in the air to keep it moisturized. Not to say that you don’t need your moisturizer, you do, you just don’t need the heaviest one you might use in winter.

Your hair, though. That’s a different story.

Lots of things hurt our hair in summer

chlorine, salt water, the suns UV rays, greasy hair from that hot sun, deciding to dye your hair lighter for the summer…the list goes on and on, really.

Never fear. I am here with some solutions for our summer hair woes.

Cover it up

Wear a cool hat, or a hair scarf | literally cover up your hair so that the sun can’t get to it.

Now, if you’re like me, this might cause you some stress because I look HORRIBLE in a hat and I’m sure if I ever tried to wear a hair scarf I’d look ridiculous.

Never fear there are other things we can do…

Hair Masks

I am a fan of weekly hair masks all year long, simply because they are fun and good for your hair. However, in the summer they are a must.


Our hair NEEDS moisture to survive and thrive.

They will help to restore some of the moisture that summer zaps out of our hair. I hear you thinking that you have oily or thin hair, so maybe you are afraid to use them. No need to fear there are hair masks for every hair type.

If you have extremely dry hair, you might want to consider a leave in conditioner, a conditioning spray, or a hair oil.

Put it up

I LOVE a ponytail. I always have. I didn’t know that my favorite hair style was actually good for my hair. It is.

Fortunately for us, summer screams for us to take a break from our normal hair styles and try a messy bun or a cool braid. This is especially important at night. Put your hair up in a really high ponytail (like right on top of your head high) to avoid rolling around on it and creating tangles.

Why is all this important?

Well, the reason why kinda leads me into my next solution…

Skip a Wash…or two

I know that this is a polarizing topic and I know that some girls feel that they HAVE to wash every day.

You don’t.

Sometimes, that causes more harm than good. Shampooing daily will dry your hair out.

Use dry shampoo, Ya’ll know I love dry shampoo and I am a faithful user. It’s how I am able to go the four days I do between washes.

I’m not suggesting that you go four days. I’m not even suggesting that you do it every week. I am just suggesting that when you can…skip the shampoo.

While researching for this post, I read on several sites that many people suggest if you HAVE to wash everyday then on some of those days only wash your scalp. Find a mild shampoo (something that is sulfate and paraben free) and only wash your scalp avoiding your hair strands. This will help your scalp stay healthy and not over dry your hair strands.

Watch the heat…and I don’t mean from the sun

We do a lot to our hair. Especially if we use any type of styling tool.

Since we have as many different hair types as we have sand at the beach, it’s hard to make a sweeping statement like….”Give up all heat styling tools”

What I can say is…”limit your use of styling tools”

for example…

I CANNOT go without either straightening or curling. I have this completely unattractive half-frizzy\half-straight hair type. It’s horrible. However, what I CAN DO is go without using my hair dryer. I can air dry and still use my straightener. If this ideal? Probably not. It would most likely be better if I gave up the straightener rather than the hair dryer but I’m not.

Giving up something is better than giving up nothing. So, decide what you can live without and do it.

Get a Trim

This might seem odd on a list like this one and sort of self-explanatory.

… but it’s important to get a regular trim to keep those dry ends gone.

Swimmers Hair

Prior to swimming slather on some coconut oil or conditioner. If you can’t do that get it wet will cold water, this will close the hair follicles making it harder for the damaging chlorine or salt water to be absorbed into your hair strands.

Watch out for your color

I’m sure if you aren’t new to coloring your hair then you know that the sun will make your hair color fade. It’s true. It does.

What can you do?

Well, unless you are willing to avoid going outside during those times when the sun is at it’s hottest your best bet is to make sure that every product you use is designed for color treated hair and they don’t contain sulfates or parabens.

This is just a short list and I completely understand if you don’t want to add a huge new routine to your daily life during summer. I mean summer is supposed to be free and easy right. However, it’s also important to remember that our hair requires some extra TLC during summer. Hope this list helps!

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