Product Review:Pantene Ultimate 10 BB Créme

A few years ago, BB Crémes hit the skin care market, took over that market actually. It didn’t take long before they hit the hair care aisle as well. This one from Pantene is actually the first one to hit the drugstores.

What is a BB Créme?

Well, like I just mentioned they were originally found in the skincare aisle and they came to America via South Korea. I have mentioned South Korea a couple times here on the blog; they are renowned for their skincare. I mean their products are AWESOME!

A BB Créme is a like a “one size fits all” product. They are products that can do several things at once…think multitasking. For instance in skincare a BB Créme would be a moisturizer, SPF and foundation all in one.

Ultimate 10

Pantene’s BB Créme, is a multitasked for our hair. It claims to do 10 things all at once

  1. Repair Rough Hair
  2. Strengthen Against Damage
  3. Silky Softness
  4. Brilliant Shine
  5. Smoothing
  6. Moisture | Hydration
  7. Frizz Control
  8. Lightweight
  9. Manageability
  10. Taming Flyaways

That’s a pretty big “To Do List”

This isn’t a moose although the cap might look as though it is.

The consistency is like a very light lotion or creme.

So, how does it preform?

Good question.

The answer depends on what type of hair you have. However, if you’re a gal with normal hair and you are pretty low maintenance in your haircare this one would be all you would need.

If your a gal that has one or more huge issues with any of the above, like frizz control and hydration for instance, then this would be more of an add-on item. This product won’t do well on it’s own with specific problems as a product designed specifically for your problem area like the frizz control and hydration.

Would I recommend this product?

Yes, but let me add. I

f you have specific products to help you with some targeted problems like frizz control or hydration, don’t stop using those.

This one won’t replace it.

For most women, myself included, this is a add-on product. I use it in conjunction with my other products, that are used for specific problems I have. I wouldn’t give up any of those products for this one BUT I am very pleased with how it preforms when added with all my other ones.

However, maybe you are a girl with normal hair and you don’t have any huge specific problem areas. If that’s you, then add this one to your routine. I know you will love it.

Like all the other Pantene products I’ve used lately the smell is INCREDIBLE!

Go HERE if you want to purchase.

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