Mother’s Day Gift Guide

That day is coming up closer and closer…what day? The one where we honor all those special women in our lives, our moms, the mom’s of our husbands, or those who have been mom’s to us, or those who are mom’s to your children. In general, any woman that holds a special place in our hearts. It’s that day set aside where we honor them.

Just in case you can’t figure out what you want to get them here are some ideas for you!

i-Robot – Roomba

Now, to be completely honest I’m usually not for getting practical gifts for special occasions. I’m just not that kind of girl. I do have a few exceptions to that rule…

I LOVE this thing. Like, seriously love it. I named her Flo and she works hard. There are so many models to this I could never list them all. This one is the one I have and Best Buy has it on sale!

Hoover FloorMate Dual Water Hard Floor Surface Cleaner

I have owned two of these. There is nothing else that cleans hardwood or tile floor like this. No Swiffer…no mop…nothing. This is amazing! \

Ninja 4-Quart Air Fryer, AF100

OK, for those who know me well, the fact that I am putting this on my gift guide list will probably cause some laughter. I’m not a cook. The fact that I keep my family fed is somewhat a miracle. This thing…I like it. To be completely honest this isn’t actually mine, it’s Elle-Catherine’s, but I have used it a lot and it’s awesome.

The O-Venture Key Ring

All mom’s have keys and chances are they have a lot of them. This is an awesome gift that can be useful and help her keep up with them, as well as having the extra benefit of being super stylish.

Gold Bangles from the Yearly Co.

From left to right…
Medium bangle | Me
Skinny Plain Bangles | Elle Catherine, Jackson, Avery
Twisted Bangle | Samantha
Large Twisted Bangle | Terry

For the last few Christmases and Anniversaries, Terry gifted me with the best things. He gave me gold bangles that symbolize everyone in our family; I wear the all the time and I never take the off. Now, they aren’t from the Yearly Co. because I didn’t know they existed until recently. However, if I had known about them I would have gotten them from there.

The Yearly Co. makes 14K gold bangles that help you to commemorate special events like anniversaries, births, or weddings. Whatever you want to remember and wear on your arm always. They are meant to be worn everyday and not taken off.

This is definitely a pricy investment but so special.

Laila By Geir Ness

We walked off the then “Malestrom” ride in the Norway pavilion of Epcot. I was immediately overwhelmed by the absolute BEST smell I have ever smelled. I didn’t know what it was but I was going to find out. That started my love affair with this perfume. I have used bottles of this stuff. I have other perfumes but this is the one I turn to most often. Just in case you can’t make it to Epcot, I found it available on Amazon.

8 Slot Sunglass Storage Box

Just in case the Mom in your life has a love affair with sunglasses like me!

Spa Robes

I tried to find the best rated robe on Amazon and I found two of them, a long and a short version

Chi Tech Travel Hair Dryer

Yes, it’s a travel one. I know. However, it’s a great way to get a quality product without paying for the full size one. Depending on her hair type a travel size might be a great option. If she has a TON (more that the average) of hair you might want to get a full size one. If she has an average amount this will be great!

Paul Mitchel Neuro

I know this is a little pricey but the best hair straightener, in my opinion. Now, I’m not a hair stylist just a girl who needs a straightener.

KISS Instacurl

This is a fun piece of hair goodness. It helps you get those ‘beach waves” everyone has now! Except this is so much easier because it does all the work itself!

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