Product Review: L’ORÉAL Sublime Bronze Tinted Self-Tanning Luminous Bronzer

Well, I have come to the end of my reviews on self-tanners and I have absolutely saved the best for last. I was instantly intrigued by this stuff.

L’ORÉAL Sublime Luminous Bronzer gives you hands down the darkest tan from a single application I have ever had with any self-tanning product I have ever used. Hands…Down.

BUT….keep reading before you head out to purchase!

The Formula

Clearly, I need lotion!

This is a lotion and it has a bronzer (a guide) mixed in. It will definitely make you “instantly dark” but remember most of that will lighten after you shower. The good thing about having a guide this dark , it makes it easier to see areas you might have missed.

This one dries kinda fast so you have to work quick. I would NOT recommend this product if you have never used a self-tanner before…absolutely not for beginners.

The possibility to streak with this one is higher than any other I have reviewed this month. I believe that is because of the depth of color this provides and the fast dry time.

As I mentioned yesterday, L’ORÉAL Sublime products always have a little glitter in them…this one has quiet a bit actually. However, most of that is in the bronzer (guide) and will be washed away whenever you shower. So, don’t be scared when you notice the extra “glow”.

The Results

I’m not sure I can explain how dark this product makes you. Even my kiddos were shocked when they saw me the next morning. I feel like this will be a product that you either love or hate, no middle ground.

Also, I did streak some on my legs and I don’t remember the last time I streaked. It’s been a minute. I don’t think I was expecting anything this dark and probably wasn’t as careful as I should have been.

Still, even though I did streak my first use I LOVED this stuff. I’m positive my fam got tired of hearing me talking about it. It’s just so unlike anything I’ve ever used.

My Solution

Even though my love for the product was deep and wide, the fact remained that it did streak and was kinda hard to use.

What’s a girl to do? Come up with a plan.

I decided to do an experiment…

I mixed the L’ORÉAL Sublime Luminous Bronzer with my OG favorite Banana Boat Deep Dark Tan (go HERE to read it’s review).

I mixed 1 part L’ORÉAL Sublime Luminous Bronzer to 1 part Banana Boat Deep Dark Tan and applied like I would any other self-tanner.

The results….

Perfection. They both help each other out.

The L’ORÉAL Sublime Luminous Bronzer gives the Banana Boat a guide to make application easier and provides a bit of instant color. The Banana Boat lightened up the glitter of the L’ORÉAL product and made it easier to work with as well. The Banana Boat seemed to help with everything that made the L’ORÉAL hard to work with.

Combined, these two are a force to be reckoned with…

True, combining the two does not give you the color using the L’ORÉAL Sublime Luminous Bronzer alone will give you but it is much easier to use. The combo does make you darker quicker that using the Banana Boat alone.

Would I Recommend this Product?

Yes…but not for everyone.

I would still not suggest this if you are new to self-tanning. There are so many other options for you and some of them make you quite dark.

Also, if you are fair skinned be cautious of this because you get so dark so fast.

If you are not new to self-tanning and are an adventurous gal definitely give this one a try. I don’t think you will be disappointed. I will continue to use it either in combination with my beloved Banana Boat or alone when I’m feeling adventurous.

I also recommend you trying it mixed with the Banana Boat.

HERE is a link to purchase.

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