Product Review: Garnier Fructis Sleek Shot

This one is a new release for 2019 and it claims to “cut sleeking time in half”. This is what Garnier calls an “in-shower styler.” The benefit of this product is to help cut down how much heat is necessary to keep your hair styled.

We all know how detrimental (but essential) heat is to our hair. Almost every gal uses heat in some way even if it’s just to dry it but many of us use it for way more than that. Right now in my “hair” drawer I have two curling irons, a straightener and a hair dryer. I use heat, you probably use heat, we all use heat.

When I first read about this in January I was intrigued, like all new products it took a little bit for me to find it. I have been using this one for a while and surprisingly I really like it.

The packaging claims…

Our in shower sleeking technology with Argan Oil and Plant Keratin, plant based amino acids naturally found in hair, wraps every hair strand evenly from root-to-tip leaving behind just what you need with no residue for your smoothest and fastest sleek look

Garnier Fructis Sleek Shot

This product claims that we can skip the flat iron, that our smoothness will last 24 hours with little to no frizz, and in the process of all that it will also coat our hair to help protect against breakage.

This is a pre-drying product and it is very simple to use. To use you mix with your shampoo…one part shampoo to one part Sleek Shot. You shampoo as usual followed with your conditioner or whatever conditioning products you choose and…Voila…you are done.

The end result, according to Garner, is hair that will take less time to dry and require no flat ironing to get our desired hair style.

How I tested…

#1 I did my usual washing using ONLY shampoo and conditioner so that I could see what my hair is really like

My hair with only shampoo and conditioner. I dried as usual and did not straighten.

#2 I did my usual washing and added the Sleek Shot, by doing 1:1 ratio of Sleek Shot to shampoo.

My hair with the 1:1 ratio of shampoo and Sleek Shot. I dried as usual but did not straighten.

What were my results…

First, let me describe my hair.

I don’t know what happens to hair before child birth to after child birth but it’s not the same. At least mine wasn’t the same. Prior to my children, I had board straight hair. I would NEVER have needed a straightener. Anyway, that is not the case today. Today, my hair is an odd combination of not straight, not curly, more than anything just frizzy. Its lovely really…(read with heavy sarcasm.) I NEVER go without straightening or curling my hair.

I have been using Sleek Shot since March. My first time using it I was like…”this is it?” I don’t know what I was expecting but not what I got.

However, I kept on trying it because I wanted to give it a fair shot. What girl would’t want her hair routine cut shorter?

It did take a few shampoos before I realized something. I mean it kinda snuck up on me.

I can’t say that I could ever go without straightening, but what this does for my hair is just as cool. After straightening my hair using Sleek Shot, my hair is straighter than it has ever been since I was 16 years old. Not only is it super straight but it stays that way until my next shampoo.

Yes, I still have to use my straightener but it takes less time and the results are so much better than when I didn’t use this product.

I wondered if maybe it was a coincidence that my hair was so much straighter than usual but nope.

Every…Single…Time…I have washed my hair using Sleek Shot and styled as usual my hair is so straight. It is never frizzy. It goes the three to four days in between washes looking just like the first day.


Would I recommend this product?

Absolutely, whether you are like me and still have to straighten your hair. Which is okay with me because I get phenomenal results. Maybe, you are one of the blessed ones and you won’t have to straighten your hair at all. Either way this is a product to put on your to-buy list.

HERE is a link to purchase, cause I know you will want to!!

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