Product Review: L’ORÉAL Sublime Bronze Tanning WaterMousse

I mentioned in a former post that self-tanner comes in several forms like lotion, serum, and in this case mousse. A “water-mousse” to be more precise. I have used a mousse before but this was my first time to use this L’ORÉAL one. This was actually the first self-tanner I tested when I started in February. My only experience with L’ORÉAL self-tanning products was the gradual tanner I reviewed last week (read that HERE).

A mousse is a good option if you are a beginner to self-tanning. There are just a few things to remember when dealing with a mousse. The amount of product is really a key to your success or failure with any self-tanner but a mousse especially. Honestly, when I first used this product I made the mistake of using too much product for my lower leg and I ended up with…way…too…much. Not a huge deal, but be careful.

This one is infused with coconut water and Vitamin E.

I chose the “light” version because I was testing in February and didn’t want to be too dark. It comes in a medium version as well.

What I LOVED about this product?

The….Smell….this L’ORÉAL mousse smells FABULOUS. This is the best smelling self-tanning product I have ever used. I was shocked by it actually.

Would I choose this product?

Not for myself, or at least not in the summer. I wasn’t able to achieve the level of “dark” that I like for summer.

However, for some girls I think that this will be a perfect self-tanner. If you are fair-skinned this will give you just the right amount of color and like others self-tanners I have written about it is buildable. If, perhaps, you don’t like a dark tan then this one will be a great option.

If you have ever considered using a self-tanner year round this would be a good for those winter months. It would allow you to have a great color with out looking like your July self in December! I would absolutely consider this. I have never used a self-tanner year round but I can see how having a little color in January would help me like winter a little more! When I reach for a self-tanner in winter, it will be this one.

Would I recommend L’ORÉAL Bronze Water Mousse?

Yep! If for no other reason than the smell alone. It really was that good.

I would not recommend this to the girl that wants a deep dark tan. I don’t think you will be able to achieve it with this product. However, if you are fair-skinned you will LOVE this one!

HERE is a link to purchase!

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