Product Review: Banana Boat Deep Dark Color Tan

Packaging may vary!

I have reviewed a lot of tanners these past few weeks. I have tried to do the exact same thing with them so that I have a more “scientific” approach to it and keep all the reviews are alike.

So, here are the steps I took.

  • #1 I used them on skin that was my natural color. So, that meant I had to wait a few days between each use.
  • #2 I followed the same prep steps for each one. The same prep step that I listed in “Self-Tanning 101” (to read that go HERE).
  • #3 For those tanners labeled “Light” I used them 3 days in a row to see how dark a color it could produce. For those labeled “Dark” I used two days in a row.
  • The pictures are either on day one or two…after a shower.

Now on to todays review…

This is the one by which I have judged all the others by. I have worn this for about three years. If you google best drugstore tanner you will almost ALWAYS find this one on every list. This one can and does hold its on against other more expensive self-tanners.

It’s Color

These “color” pictures were so hard to take. I’m not promising how accurate they will be but I promise to be honest in my review so that you can decided if you want to give it a go. This one was bout 3 to 4 days from application, and NO I don’t normally leave my hand white.

The fact that it makes you insanely dark is a main reason you will find this on “Best Self-Tanner Lists” year after year. This stuff makes you DARK.

For all my light skinned girls, this one might be a little dark for you at the beginning of the summer. If you do get a lot of color as the summer progresses from just being outside then you may want to give this one a try.

If your a gal that has a medium to dark natural skin tone then this one is worth a try.

This produces a beautiful golden bronze color that is very flattering and natural looking. I would caution you on “building” this one up to make it darker. When I do that, I NEVER do more than two days in a row because it makes it that dark. Generally I will do every-other-day for about a week to build up my color.

When I wear this I always get comments on my tan, and questions if it is “real.” So, I take that as a good sign.

It’s Price

Another, reason why this one makes it onto those coveted “Best of..” lists…the price. This stuff is extremely easy on your wallet. Walmart has this one listed at $6.67. Almost every other self-tanner I purchased came in at least $10 or more.

It’s Texture

This one is a lotion. Last year they changed the formula and it no longer has a guide.

What’s a guide? (when the self-tanner has a tint of color to it making it easier for you to see where you have applied the tanner).

This one is easy to apply as long as you make sure the lotion is evenly distributed and rubbed in completely. Every self-tanner can streak even if the formula claims to be “streak free”. True some formulas are more likely to streak than others but it is also your application that determines streaking not so much the formula. I would say that the “Streak Free” you see written on self-tanner bottles is kinda misleading. Success is all in how you apply, honestly.

I would describe this as a basic self-tanner lotion that any gal can apply no matter if it is her first attempt or if she is a pro.

It’s Dry-time

This one dries pretty quickly, like an average lotion. You will notice if you try different types of self-tanner (which I would recommend until you find the one you love) lotions generally take longer than some of the other types.

It’s Smell

This one isn’t bad. Smells pretty good but you will notice a “self-tanner” smell after it dries.

My Recommendation

I love this stuff. I have for years. If you haven’t tried it give it a go. Remember though, if your skin tone is on the lighter side this one might not be for you. Never fear, I have some options for you girls!

It does come in other shades in case you want to give those a go!

If you want to give this one a try head to the ink HERE.

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