Product Review: Infallible Pro Foundation

A few weeks ago I began my journey through trying all the foundation on the makeup aisle, admittedly I’ve only tried two so it might take me minute!

There are two versions of this Pro-Matte (for those with oily skin) and Pro-Glow (for those with dry skin).

Both versions are buildable, meaning if you desire a more full coverage you can add more product. A little goes a long way so start small and add more! I also read that you can blend the two together for an interesting foundation.

They both come in a squeeze tube which makes it easier for travel if that is a concern for you.

The Pro-Glow Version

Pro-Glow Infallible 24 Hour Foundation

If you have followed me any length of time then you know that I have dry skin, so I picked the Pro-Glow version.

The Pro-Glow version has 12 shades available to it pretty respectable for drugstore but not as good as the pro-matte which you will see.

The L’Oreal website says this about Pro-Glow

Discover the new pro finish of longer; up to 24 hours wear with hydrating glow. Lightweight and creamy…

One reviewer writes how cooling and hydrating this foundation felt on her face. Actually this is a common thread I noticed while researching for this post. This foundation is awesome for dry skinned girls. You are able to smooth it over your skin without fear that it will cake up on your skin. Making your face look more naturally beautiful.

As a rule I don’t wear foundation, as I’ve shared before, I wear powder because I don’t like the heavy feel of foundation on my face. I also don’t like how dry and cracked my face feels after a while of wearing it, and I have been known to immediately wash it off.

This did not happen with this foundation.

It is billed as medium coverage but in my opinion much closer to medium\full as straight medium. This is much more coverage than I usually wear. That being said I was also impressed that I was able to wear something with so much coverage and be ok with it. Meaning I wasn’t running straight to the make-up wipes as soon as possible.

I read one reviewer who suffers from Systemic Lupus and because of that condition she sweats a lot. This foundation lasted through a difficult situation of about 4 or 5 hours without one blemish on her. This foundation is not billed as water resistant but is able to stand up to lots of wear and tear without losing any of it’s coverage.

The Pro-Matte Version

Pro-Matte Infallible 24 Hour Foundation

The Pro-Matte version has 22 shades, which for drugstore is a crazy amount of shades!

The L’Oreal site says this about Pro-Matte

Air light, long wearing liquid formula, lightweight and creamy foundation goes on smooth with a demi-matte finish that lasts up to 24 hours – hiding imperfections for a smooth, clear complexion.

This foundation is Demi-Matte so it won’t be flat and dry looking, but is not too glowing for those with oily skin. It contains blotting spheres that will act like sponges and suck up all excess oil or sweat. All the while your makeup will stay as beautiful as when our first applied.

There is a high water content in this foundation that makes it less dryer, but will still conceal anything on your face that you need concealed, like blemishes, spots, or discolorations.

One review said that “The medium-coverage fluid easily melts into skin and feels like bare skin.” What more can you ask for in your foundation than for it to feel like bare skin!

Unlike the Pro-Glow version, I did find one reviewer that did call the Pro-Matte a waterproof option. This foundation is non-transferable (you won’t find this on the color of your white shirt)

My Recommendation

If you are looking for a new foundation that will take you from morning to night without a heavy feel, give either of these a try. Below you will find links for both of them.

Pro-Glow Infallible Foundation

Pro-Matte Infallible Foundation

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