A Girl, (and her Moms)…Survival Guide to Prom

DISCLAIMER: Although, this is written with prom girls and their mom’s in mind I made sure that there were lots of information any gal would find useful. So, don’t just scroll past thinking this isn’t for you because it might just be!

Prom. A rite of passage, a moment in time never to be forgotten…the event that will provide you with pictures that will forever embarrass you when your older.

No, I’m kidding you will never be embarrassed by those pictures. I promise.

Any night filled with this much excitement and expectation is bound to be stressful. I can just feel the stress from here. Don’t worry girls (and moms) I’m here to help!

I’ve come up with a list of things that might help, maybe something you haven’t thought of. Moms you know I’m talking to you too cause who else takes care of all these details! Remember success in any project is in the details. Prom being no exception.

So, here we go…

Be Prepared

If you haven’t already made your appointments…hair, makeup, tanning or nails, you need to do so. This is probably not a surprise but what you might not have considered is having a definite idea of what you want.

Make sure that you have pictures of the hairstyle you have in mind and any makeup ideas you want. It might also be helpful for you to take a picture of your dress so that the person doing your makeup or hair can get a feel for the “vibe” of your dress. Only you know what sort of style you want for your special night.

Avoid the dreaded flashback by making sure your foundation does NOT contain an SPF and avoid using an HD powder which contain silica. Both of these have light reflecting elements in them which will result in the “white face” that you will want to avoid on your big day!

The Spray Tan

I understand the reasoning behind the spray tan, everyone wants a little color. I myself am a huge fan of sunless tanner, so I get it. However, lets be honest there is always a risk of being orange. A nice tan is one thing being orange is quit another. Here are some tips for you…

  1. Take off your makeup. I know there may be some controversy over to tan the face or not to tan the face. I say if the formula allows for it…TAN IT. I have seen many a gal walking around (even with foundation on) and you can tell immediately they have a spray tan and didn’t tan their face. There is just something not right about having your body so dark and your face so light. When we think about how we tan naturally in the sun, our faces get tan too, even with SPF. Its not like we put a towel over our faces to keep it from the sun. Just remember if you do choose to tan your face (and I hope you do) or if you don’t either way…go darker on your foundation (not SPF) so your face will match your body.
  2. Take off your deodorant. This can mess with the formula of some spray tans and won’t allow the color to adhere.
  3. A little color not a seven day Bahamian cruise. You are only wanting to have a little healthy color not something so dramatic it looks unnatural. My research suggests that you take a picture of what you look like tanned from the sun so that the technician will have an idea of “deep” you want your tan.
  4. Don’t wax or shave. Do it 24 hours prior to your spray tan and wait at least one or two days after.
  5. Use Witch Hazel. Why? it will remove any residue left over from any moisturizing agents that could cause your tan to be uneven and splotchy.
  6. Avoid Open Pores. Don’t do anything that will cause your pores to open like heat from hot showers, shaving, facials…all of those things will cause your pores to open which in turn will cause those same pores to suck up the spray tan in an uneven manner.
  7. Avoid Acne Medication 24 hours before. Those sorts of meds will dry out the skin which will cause the skin to absorb the tan unevenly. From my research I have discovered that if you take the oral medication Accutane, do NOT get a spray tan because you will not tan evenly!
  8. Don’t get lash extensions. Lash extensions require you to wait for at least 24/48 hours prior to getting them wet. They will get wet when you tan.

Your Lipstick

Now your makeup artist will have lots of choices I’m sure but you should have your own lipstick. My reason behind this advice is so you can reapply later on. There are very few lipstick choices that can last the whole night, you will definitely need to reapply. Also, everyone’s lips are different, so head to the lipstick aisle to find the perfect shade for you.

Here is a hint if you are planning on wearing red lipstick take cherry Jello powder and “paint” your lips with it. This will act like a lip stain (but taste awesome.) Since your lips are stained red this will mean you won’t have to reapply as often.

Bag it Up

Remember that lipstick? Well, you’re gonna need somewhere to carry it. Along with a mirror, money, your phone, your keys, hairspray…and anything else we gals think we need. Since this is a formal event you DO NOT want to use your everyday bag, no matter how awesome it is. Keep a look out on my Instagram and Facebook for some cute options.

Keep Your Shoes On

OK, girls, I get it.

Most of you have never worn heels for any length of time, maybe ever. I know they hurt…they are heels, they are supposed to hurt. It’s not like its a secret. No, girl puts on heels expecting them to feel like flip flops or Nikes. We put on heels knowing they will hurt you.

Sure anybody can take their shoes off when their feet start to hurt, but the real superwoman stays in her shoes. Sure it’s easy to take them off and dance barefoot or replace them with your flip-flops but why would you want to? You paid really good money for those heels cause I know shoes are NOT cheap…why not wear them as long as you can? I know those shoes are cute…keep them on!

Nail Colors

I asked my nail lady if she gets a lot of prom girls. Her response, “No, they all want white tips and clear polish.”

Honestly, I was kinda surprised, I mean I get it, that look is a classic and nothing wrong with a classic. However, there is also nothing wrong with standing out from the crowd either. I realize that’s kinda hard and daunting at any age, high school even more so. Here, though, we are only talking about nail color.

Why not go out on a limb? Why not pick a color that compliments your dress? For instance if your dress is turquoise paint your nails a cool gold or if you are wearing black a classy red can never be beat. Instead, of the standard squared off nail go for the trendy pointed tip. There are just so many options and I promise other girls will be envious of your painted nails!

If you just can’t NOT have a French manicure why not go for a different spin on it with maybe black or pink tips and clear polish. Recently I did post on spring nail colors (read it HERE) in that post I talk about how our nail color is a great (safe) place to express your individuality.

Pimples…GO AWAY

Raise your hand if you have ever had a pimple come up on the day of an important event? ME!! I’m over here raising my hand…I’m going on a limb and say that most of you are raising your hand.

Fact is the natural balance of your face can easily be messed up. Stress can absolutely produce acne. Hormones can produce acne. Introducing new makeup products can produce acne. Clogged pores from a spray tan or self tanner can produce acne…you getting my drift here. Anything and everything can and will produce acne when you don’t want acne.

What’s a girl to do? Buy this. Although I have never used this product (I am going to feature it soon) it comes highly recommended. It is advised to put a drop onto your acne overnight and when you wake up it will by “dried up”.

Mamas, I’m talking to you here

OK…Mamas now I’m going to talk to you.

I imagine that you are busy, being Moms we are the ones that take care of everything . Making sure it is all good for our kiddos, and sometimes we neglect ourselves. Most of the time we neglect ourselves.

You know when you will think about yourself? When you are standing alongside your beautiful daughter in her gorgeous dress with her tan, nails, makeup and hair done to perfection…and you realize…you have on jeans from last week and tee shirt form yesterday. We won’t talk about your hair and who knows when you had on makeup last time. Girls this is NOT acceptable.

You know you gonna wanna post that picture, but you also know your gonna do your best to crop yourself out of it. Girls that is NOT acceptable.


Instead, pick out your outfit right now. Find a cute spring top to match your favorite jeans. Fine a cute sundress thats super comfy. Fix your hair and do a little makeup (even if its just bronzer) put on some lipstick.

You get the picture. Get IN the picture. Enjoy the moment. You will be so glad that you did.

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