Spring Eyeshadow Colors

DISCLAIMER: I realize that the pictures contained in this post are screenshots. I know that these are well below what I usually give to you girls and this is NOT what I intended. However, this is the result of a REALLY LONG week!

Not long ago I did a post on spring nail colors (read that one HERE). Yes, there are trends in eyeshadow too.

Ever since Urban Decay dropped their Naked palettes nudes have ruled. Not to say they aren’t still going to be extremely popular and prevalent on the makeup aisle and the eyes of gals across America, they will be. There are several reasons why neutrals are popular…they are flattering on everyone, they are easy to wear and apply, and most people are a little intimidated with color.

This spring we are going to have an opportunity to stretch our eyeshadow wings a little bit. We have available to us some awesome new eyeshadow options…lets look at some.

Green Eyeshadow

In case you girls don’t remember, I have an intense LOVE of all things green. I. Love. Green. Fortunately for me, green is one of those awesome colors we can all grab this spring. Anything from jade green to emerald would be pretty on the eyelids of you girls.

This is an example of a great drugstore eyeshadow palette. Palettes are a great option at the drugstore because they are often awesome quality and you get more than one color. This is an example of that. This is from the company Hard Candy which is exclusively sold at Walmart. I have used many Hard Candy products and I’m sure I will be reviewing them in the future!

Hard Candy Look Pro! Eyeshadow Palette, 1444 Earthy

Orchid Purple Eyeshadow

Now hang with me…don’t stop reading. You CAN wear purple regardless of your age. Application and blending is key in any eyeshadow color. I’m not suggesting that you cake it on your eye like an 80’s starlet does blue. Just a nice thin application over the bottom lid then a think line of black eyeliner. See, that’s completely doable. CAUTION: Don’t pick one with A LOT of shimmer, that might be more of a youthful vibe than your are after.

Milani Bella Eyes Gel Powder eyeshadow

Their website says that it glides on like a gel in a single stroke. I haven’t ever used this eyeshadow but I have used Milani eyeshadow and it is good formulas.


You 80’s girls were just waiting for me to say it…I knows you were. Remember though, this isn’t the 80’s anymore so it won’t be the exact blue you remember. However, JUST because it isn’t the 80’s is not a good enough reason to never wear blue eyeshadow again. You simply have to wear the RIGHT blue. This can be worn as a shadow or again like the purple an eyeliner.

Covergirl Sapphire Sparkle 610

As I mentioned all eyes look good in blue but especially brown. Again find a sheer formula that allows you the ability to build to the depth of color you are wanting.

Terra-Cotta Eyes

This is a beautiful orangy brown bunch of goodness. This is also a flattering on anyone. That makes application easy. If you go into it knowing that it will be flattering on you this makes you less nervous.

This is L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24HR Eyeshadow in Bottomless Java.

I have never used this shade but I have used an Infallible product in a different shade. It is dreamy. I love it..very easy formula to apply, creamy. A little goes a long way with this one.

Some Awesome Palettes for you to try

Comfort Zone

This palette has been around for years. It is awesome. I actually have it in the original packaging when it first appeared several years ago. Like the Rosé in the Air I reviewed a few weeks ago (read that one HERE) this one is easy to apply and blend

Not a Basic Peach

This one is on my list to buy! It is so pretty in person. I LOVE turquoise eyeshadow and this one has a great version.

Rimmel Magnif’eyes Eyeshadow Palette 004 Colour Edition

I LOVE Rimmel’s eyeshadow palettes, I own two of them and use them often.

Rimmel Magnif’eye Palette 005 Spice Edition

NYX Off Tropic–Hasta La Vista and Shifting Sand

These were on everyone’s watch list when they premiered in early 2019. I have seen them at Walmart and Ulta but these links are for Target

I have given you links to all of the above! Enjoy.

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