Product Review…Aveeno MaxGlow Serum+Primer

Aveeno MaxGlow

Let’s discuss something real quick…what is a serum?

They are super lightweight, lighter than a moisturizer, and they are FULL of high concentrations of ingredients to help our skin’s health. There is a serum for every skin need…dullness, dryness, dark spots, wrinkles…all of them. They generally go after one issue at a time. The ingredients in a particular serum will determine what skin problem it will address. Considering the amount of ingredients found in serums they sometimes come with a high price, but…you girls know I’m not about that. So, I’m uncovering some awesome drugstore serums for us to try.

This product has so much to accomplish, according to it’s packaging. It’s like an overachiever in the skincare aisle. The label tell us that it is able to hydrate our skin, illuminate our skin with a glows-from-within light, and it’s also primer. That’s a whole lot of jobs for one product. (a website that rates the allergens in makeup and skincare products) gives this an 82% safety rating. Aveeno tells us that it contains a soy compound (for skin brightening) and a kiwi compound (for hydrating). This is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores). It does, however, have fragrance so if that brothers you take that into consideration. For me, the fragrance is very light and pleasant to the smell, my skin is not affected by this though.

You know how when you were little and your grandmother had that glass bottle with a stopper in the top that was full of oil and vinegar dressing? In order to use it you had to shake it up a little. Well this product is like that. You have to shake it up before use to mix up all the ingredients, then uncap the top, shake some onto your hand and apply.

This can be worn alone or as your final step before you apply your makeup as a primer. I have used it both ways and will review both ways.

As a Primer…

For me, I wouldn’t buy this to use as a primer. There are MUCH better ones available at the drugstore.

I wouldn’t say Max Glow is oily because it isn’t. It is good for all skin types; so, it’s definitely not oily. However, it isn’t like a typical primer which prepares your face for foundation and gives your makeup something to hang onto.

It’s a little too, “glowy” for that!

All on its On…

For me, this is where this product excels!

I LOVE wearing it alone. I have been wearing it since Christmas. I put it on when I’m not wearing foundation and it gives me a little “glow”. Note this is NOT colored so it won’t coverup anything but it will add some illumination to your winter tired skin!

As far as moisturizing, that would’t be why I bought this item either. It is a good moisturizer to use in addition to some of the other ones I’ve discussed but I wouldn’t choose it purely for that reason.

Girls, I would choose this because of how it makes my face look. I really like it and as summer color finds it’s way back to my face I will like it even more.

I have used this along with the Garner Glow Boost Illuminating Moisturizer (go HERE for the review). The two of these together make an awesome combination.

Here is a link to purchase in case you want to give it a shot! Walmart

Amazon price is the same for both $17`.97

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