Product Review…Baby Feet

Picture courtesy of Amazon

WARNING…this post could get a little icky…maybe a little gross. Trust me girls, it’s necessary. I wouldn’t talk about this embarrassing topic if I could help it.

So, how’s your feet...specifically your heels? Are they crusty? Are they cracked? Dry…just generally yucky?

Yeah, it’s ok, it happens. It’s winter, it’s dry, it happens! We spend all winter hiding our footsies in socks, shoes and boots…then spring approaches what’s a girl to do?

Enter Baby Feet

I’ve shared the fact that I have very dry skin, last year was my first time to try Baby Feet.  My feet (heels especially) were painfully dry, like so cracked and bleeding putting on shoes hurt. So, I decided to give this a try.

After some research (and healing of the worst spots cause you can’t have open wounds) I tried Baby Feet

What is it?

Picture Courtesy of Amazon

It’s a chemical peel made from a combination of 16 natural fruit extracts that will help to rid you of that dry cracked skin around your heels. It will penetrate each layer of dead skin cells causing them to fall away allowing new skin to emerge. This sounds heavenly, I know, but make no mistake about it…it’s kinda gross.

What’s gonna happen?

To put it mildly your feet are going to peel. Everywhere. In every area of your foot, the top…the bottom…the heel…between your toes, everywhere. Your going to peel for about 2 weeks.

Be forewarned, if you Google Baby Feet pictures you will see a whole lot of people’s feet shedding a whole lot of dead skin…you’re gonna do it. I know you will. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!!

Picture Courtesy of Amazon


Your feet will be softer than they have ever been. I promise. NO amount of pumice stones, foot files, or moisturizers can ever give you what Baby Feet will. Those are all temporary solutions but won’t ever give you baby soft feet, not like this product. This product removes your dead skin so new skin can shine bright!

What are you going to do?

Glad, you asked!

Order Baby Feet on Amazon (it’s $25 by the way!). Then…

  1. Soak for about 15 minutes…when I did it I took a shower.
  2. Dry your feet and put on the booties. Hold them secure with the provided tape
  3. OK. Here is where my research is gonna pay off for you girls. The box says to leave it on for 1 hour BUT you need to leave it on longer. At least an extra 20 or 40 minutes. This is so important according to everything I read. I did the extra 40 minutes because I REALLY wanted those cracked heels gone! BUT, Girls, you know your bodies better than me and if you don’t think keeping it on for longer than the 1 hour suggested follow your heart and don’t do the extra 20/40 minutes!
  4. Make sure that you have NO open cuts…I had to wait a minute before I used it last year, since I had some open cracks on my heels.
  5. Soak your feet every day (for me, I just took extra long showers but if you want to do nightly foot soaks thats cool)
Picture Courtesy of Amazon
Picture Courtesy of Amazon

Picture Courtesy of Amazon

Now some more rules

It will take AT LEAST THREE (3) DAYS until you see some effects. Don’t give up…it…will…take…THREE…days.

Timing is everything in life and Baby Feet. The height of sandal season is not the best time to start this. NOW would be the perfect time to give this a try. When it’s too cold to wear sandals and your peeling feet are hid safely away in your shoes and socks.

DO NOT USE LOTION…I repeat DO NOT USE LOTION OR MOISTURIZER OF ANY KIND…on your feet. I mean our natural tendency is to put lotion on dry peeling skin but not this dry peeling skin…this dry peeling skin needs to come off. So, don’t put on any lotion.

My Review

This years Baby Feet is on a delivery truck headed my way as we speak but I can tell you so much from last years test run.

This year my feet are in MUCH better shape, I mean they are dry for sure, but not super dry or cracked and bleeding. Girls, I can’t begin to tell you how much my feet hurt last year…so bad. This year they are NOTHING like last winter at all.

I can only assume that Baby Feet is responsible for that. That is the only thing that I have done that would account for the huge difference between last winer and this one. You girls know I love moisturizer and I love telling you about it. I haven’t tried anything new on my feet.

This past summer my feet only needed a little lotion to stay soft. That my friends is a miracle…or Baby Feet.

Would I recommend this product? YES…YES…YES

Here is a link to Amazon to purchase.

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