Product Review…Wet n Wild Cushion Foundation

Let me give you some background into my foundation use before I review. I don’t wear “foundation” in the sense that most people refer to it. I use a tinted moisturizer and a powder, not a lot of coverage. However, when I started looking at the skincare and makeup aisle from the standpoint of telling you girls all about it; I decided to give some foundations a try.

So, here we are. I am on a mission to try lots of drugstore foundations and give you girls my review of them. The good…the bad…and the ugly.

Up first…

Wet n Wild’s Mega Cushion Foundation. This one has an SPF of 15 and comes in 8 shades. It is made with a coconut derivative, good news for us dry girls, but is good for all skin types. Walmart sells them for $5.93 and they are available wherever WnW is sold.

This is a light to medium coverage foundation but it’s buildable…meaning you can add more layers to increase coverage.

So, what is a cushion foundation?

They originated in Asia like all good skincare and makeup products. Basically it’s a compact that contains a sponge filled with a liquid foundation. You just put your finger (or the pad provided) on the sponge, push down to grab some foundation onto your finger (or pad)…then apply. It’s a no mess way to enjoy liquid foundation.

Apply with your finger or the pad provided. It is not recommended to
use a brush to apply.

Cushion foundation is more of a high end product. There are not very many options in the drugstore, maybe only two or three. The WnW version is the cheaper of the drugstore cushion foundations available.

I used my finger each time I applied.

This foundation gives your skin a “dewy” look not shiny or oily.

One con to cushion foundations is there isn’t a lot of product in the container. If you plan on making this one full coverage you will use it up quick…if you use a lighter hand when applying this should last you a while.

My thoughts…

I really liked this foundation because it is very light and airy. I couldn’t tell the difference between this foundation and my tinted moisturizer in terms of how it felt on my face. There is definitely more coverage than my normal one, however.

For me it was light to medium coverage. The color was good as well. I choose the “Light Ivory” and I will have to go darker for summer.

Would I keep buying this? Yes, I like this enough to keep it in my makeup drawer.

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