Spring Nail Color

As March 1st looms ever nearer (thank goodness), every single one of us is thinking about warmer weather and sandals…(some of us might need to think about getting or giving ourselves a pedicure!)…anyway back to the topic at hand…Spring nail colors

I haven’t always gotten my nails done professionally, up until a few months ago I did my own nails (not gel, just regular old polish). I loved doing it and I learned some tricks along the way that I’ll share with you. Right now, with the busy-“ness” of my life I’m choosing to go the gel manicure route, but I will ALWAYS do my own pedicures (just can’t handle people touching my feet, weird I know).

Did you know colors have trends…like shoulder pads or feathers on our shoes? Well, they do. Not that it really matters what’s “in fashion” if you love something you should wear it, but sometimes it’s fun to see what is trending.

Ever heard of the Pantone Color Palette? Well, basically its a company that tells us what the trending colors in any given season will be based on New York Fashion Week. They always pick ONE major color and if you look at the clothing selections in stores you will always see more clothes in that particular color. The 2019 color is Living Coral.

I have put together some trending colors for spring nails based on the Pantone Color Palette. I chose Sally Hansen because this brand is the most readily available of any drugstore nail polish and it’s also a good product! I have used this brand for years, like since high school!

I have linked all the colors below, but while I was writing this post I noticed that many colors were selling out.

The links will either take you directly to the color or to the brand main page (ex: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear). If that happens choose the color name and add to your cart! These are available wherever Sally Hansen is sold which is just about everywhere! The “gel” polish listed here isn’t a true gel polish that requires a light to set, so feel free to grab it if you like the color.


Color Therapy 350 Haute Springs

Color Therapy Soak at Sunset

X-Treme Wear Coral Crystal

Miracle Gel Malibu Peach

Diamond Strength Sweetie Pie


Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear Tickled Pink

Insta Dry Pink Blink

Color Therapy Berry Smooth

Miracle Gel (no light is necessary for these) Pink Cadillaquer

Miracle Gel Pink Up


This is for you girls who absolutely prefer darker colors on your nails. Spring isn’t always a land full of only pastels!

Salon Manicure Blue on My Mind

Miracle Gel Tidal Wave

Miracle Gel Sugar Fix

Insta Dry Set Sail


Xtreme Wear Mellow Yellow

Color Therapy 330 Shea Dream

Some Neutrals

Color Therapy Glow with the Flow

Color Therapy Chai on Life

Color Therapy Well Well Well

Miracle Gel Bare Dare

Insta Dri Sand Storm

Insta Dri In Nude-tral

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