This or That: Wet n Wild photofocus 3-in-1 Primer Water Rose Spray or Mario Badescu Facial Spray

I actually own both of these products. I purchased the Wet n Wild (WnW) rosewater spray and the Mario Badescu (MB), I received as a free sample. I have used both of these several times and honestly love them both.

Facial sprays are really easy to use and there are many ways to use them…before and after applying makeup being one example. When you use them before make up, its a great way to “wet” your face before applying your moisturizer. Using it afterwards as a “refreshing” spray for your face especially on hot days. They also help to keep your skin from drying out. If you’re a gal that likes to work out you can spritz some of these facial waters on after a work out for a fresh face.

I recently did a post on Instagram and Facebook about rose water and how beneficial it is for your skin. Both of these contain rose water as well as other helpful ingredients to help enhance your face. So what is the difference between these two products and rose water, a couple of things actually. Well the most obvious one is these are sprays which makes using them quick and easy, like when your in a morning rush tempted to skip the necessary skincare step. The rose water, although I LOVE it, is more like toner not a spritzer. Would I give up my beloved rose water for this one, probably not, but I’d definitely own both! Plus as you will see facial sprays come in a few different “flavors”. Also, these two companies aren’t the only ones who make facial sprays. Although these are new releases for WnW…I’m trying out another “flavor” now for a Featured Product post coming up!

There are three varieties in the WnW Photo Focus 3-in1 Primer Water line…coconut, cucumber, and rose. There are also three varieties in the (MB) line…cucumber and green tea, Chamomile and lavender, and the rosewater…each “flavor” has aloe in them.

These are both safe for all skin types but those with dry skin will love them.

They both have an amazing rose scent but not overwhelming at all. Its not like a perfume. I mean it’s times like these I wish I had “smell-o-blog”.

Actually the two are fairly similar. The WnW version is billed as a 3-in-1 meaning you can use it as a setting spray, refreshing spray, or a prep spray. Honestly, even though the MB one doesn’t specifically say it, you can use it in those same ways.

The main difference here is price. Both the WnW and MB products are solid. They do what they say they will. They are both good for you. They both smell awesome…and really neither one is that expensive.

The Wet n Wild is priced at $5.49 for 1.52 oz this one can be purchased at Walmart but it’s extremely new and not available on line yet. I purchased mine in Savannah.

The Mario Badescu comes in two sizes…4.0 oz at $7.00 and 8.0 oz at $12. These can be purchased at Ulta and on Amazon (but their pricing is a little higher).

Which would I buy? Probably the WnW simply from the standpoint that I buy drugstore (with the exception of ONE item) and the WnW is easier to find and buy! Plus, you girls know I LOVE me some Wet n Wild!

Let me know if any of you gals decide to give these a try


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