Product Review: Garnier Glow Boost Illuminating Moisturizer

This is sort of a part 2 from Tuesday’s post (if you haven’t read it go HERE to catch up). I say that it’s a part two because this product is from the same line as the “2-n-1 Glow Mask and Scrub”.

Like all the Garnier products in it’s Skin Active lines this one is made from 96% Naturally Derived Ingredients. Garner considers an ingredient “Naturally Derived” if it is unchanged from it’s natural state. This one is made WITHOUT mineral oil, parabens, silicones, or dyes.

There is only one shade in this moisturizer and Garnier says it is “Universally Flattering” for everyone. Although, there is a slight tint to the moisturizer this is not to be confused with a tinted moisturizer. Those come in shades that you will pick based on your skin tone. I have a tinted moisturizer that I love and I wouldn’t replace it with this one. However, this is another kind of product. This allows your own skin color to show with an added something-something.

This isn’t meant to provide coverage, like foundation. Instead, this is meant to be used alone or under your foundation to give you a natural looking “glow”.

There are “illuminating pearls” that give our skin a “glow” (there is that word again, told you it was everywhere). Like your cheeks have been kissed by the sun but not like you fell into a container of highlighter.

This is meant to be worn in a couple of ways and I have used them in each suggested on the box.


This can be used like any other moisturizer, but if you wear more than one moisturizer in the mornings make sure that this is the last one. That’s it. Just put this on, maybe add some brow pencil, mascara and if your really feeling fine some lipstick.

I loved it like this and I know that I will love it even more when I have a little color and no longer look like Casper the Ghost.

This is also meant to be buildable in a couple different ways…one is to use more than one layer of this product. Allow the first to dry and add another one. This makes the “glow” a little more visible but not enough to look like you just put glitter on your cheeks.

As a Primer

This can be used under foundation as a primer. Primers are used directly under foundation to create an even surface for your foundation. This moisturizer will accomplish that and provide a little glow along the way.

I have used this as a primer and liked it but for me alone is the my favorite of the two

This is a good product…especially for those makeup-free days and I imagine in the summer I will reach for this more and more. I have had this several weeks and used it on those days I had errands to do but didn’t have any desire for makeup!

Here is a link to purchase from Walmart. I purchased this at Ulta but it was way more expensive than WM, so buy it from there!

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