This or That…Wet inWild “Rosé is in the Air” or Anastasia Beverly Hills “Modern Renaissance”

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance $42 Wet n Wild Rosé is in the Air $4.68

When Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) launched it’s Modern Renaissancepalette, everyone went nuts. The formula used in these eyeshadows is creamy and easy to use. It has 14 shades that include both neutrals, berry, and orange tones. These are said to be crease and fade resistant with colors that can last for hours. This palette sells for $42.

The Wet n Wild Rosé is in the Air has 10 colors. Pretty much every shade in this pallette matches one in the ABH every neutral, berry and orange tone can be found here. In fact, when this palette was released it was sold out everywhere. Everyone wanted it simply because of it’s similarity to the Modern Renaissance one.

Does it “Dupe”?

I have done quiet a bit of research (so, you girls don’t have to) and have come to the following conclusions…

  1. Serious makeup artists will prefer the Modern Renaissance…that palette is said to be a dream to apply and to blend. It’s like a game changer.
  2. The colors of the WnW pallette match very well to their counterparts in the ABH one. I mean if you didn’t know better you would assume they are the same.
  3. When makeup girls applied both of these on their eyes, I absolutely could not tell the difference between the two.

Would I buy it…

Well I did!

However, I would buy it even if I wasn’t going to review it for you girls. Y’all know I love WnW; their eyeshadows are very pigmented and easy to use. In my opinion, there is no reason to buy the Modern Renaissance palette, unless you are very serious about your eyeshadow.

Now in order to be completely honest, in some respects you do get what you pay for. When comparing high-end to drugstore, the main area they differ is in their longevity. The high-end will undoubtedly “last” longer. However, we drugstore loving makeup girls have an ace up our sleeve.

Eyeshadow primer…

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram (and you must cause here you are reading this) then you might remember a post I did about this last week.

This acts as an adhesive for your eyeshadow, helping to make the colors more vibrant and helping them to last so much longer. Personally, I never buy high end eyeshadow…ever…I don’t even own the Urban Decay (I have dupes though). Instead, I buy dupes from the drugstore and use a primer.

This picture is my eye shadow (applied using this palette) from Sunday. I applied before church about 8:30 and took this picture around 9:00 that night. Please, try to not notice my eyebrows. I’m in a “grow out” process from some over ambitious plucking! Anyway, the point is to notice how great the eyeshadow held up applied over the WnW primer.

I have owned this palette for a few weeks and have used it several times. I have had no problems getting it to stay on my eyes and have had no creasing. I HAVE used a primer under it every time.

Should you buy it?

I think that this would be a great addition to your makeup drawer. If your sitting there thinking these colors are out of you normal and would look crazy on you. You would be wrong…they are universally flattering to many skin types. This is another area, like our lips, that we can safely add color. I took pictures of some of the looks I came up with using Rosé is in the Air.

I didn’t actually do this look, I’m not that talented. Samantha created this using the
Rosé is in the Air palette.

Here are links if you want to purchase Walmart . I have also linked the PRIMER that I use.

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