Product Review…Garnier Skin Active Glow Boost 2-in-1 Facial Mask + Scrub

Glow…it’s a new buzzword in the makeup world. Travel down the skincare aisle (or watch my stories every Friday) and you will notice several products that claim to give you a glow.

Honestly, well hydrated skin has a natural glow but what we really all want is that…”it’s summer, my hair is highlighted by the sun. and my face is sun kissed”…glow. That’s what we want. While it is true we all look good with a little color (don’t worry I have several posts planned for getting color with out the sun)

The question here though is can we also have “glow-y” skin in the winter months. Can we have glowing skin with out makeup? Using highlighters correctly can give you an awesome glow (J Lo I’m looking at you).

I have been testing a few products that claim to give us skin that glows.

First up…a Garner product

Garnier Skin Active Glow Boost 2-in-1 Facial Mask and Scrub

You may remember, last week I reviewed another product in the Skin Active line, the rosewater one (click HERE to read it). That one was a 3 in 1 product (mask, morning moisturizer and night moisturizer.)

This one is a 2-in-1, mask and scrub.

The bottle claims that it is made with 100% naturally derived exfoliants. Like all the Skin Active products it is made without parabens, dyes, sulfates or silicones and it is made with Apricot Seed.

I have used it in both capacities and will review both of them.

The Mask

When I first opened the bottle and looked at the product, my first response was…”This is a mask?” However, I am always willing to go the extra mile for you girls so I soldiered on and tried it.

It has an odd consistency…like a spongy gel with exfoliates in it. I applied it like I do any other mask. (see my Instagram and Facebook for a video of this mask)

The bottle says to wait 10 minutes. I never expected to “feel” anything but I did. It was similar to the feeling I get from masks that have mint in them. Not a bad feeling at all…a clean pulling all the impurities out of my skin feeling.

Like the rosewater moisturizer, I LOVE the mask aspect of this product.

The Scrub

This is a good basic scrub. The directions say to use twice a week and I think that you could definitely get away with doing that. The exfoliating particles are not very large or abrasive. While it is so important to exfoliate, you cannot do it too much. Your skin will not like you for it.

Why exfoliate?

Exfoliating is really important to skin health. This process involves removing the old dead skin cells from the skins outer surface. I mean if you want skin that glows you have to get rid of dull dead skin. This dead skin will help accentuate our fine lines and wrinkles. Exfoliation will help fade age spots, unclog our pores. minimizes pore size and will help our moisturizers absorb into our skin.

If you aren’t exfoliating then you should be but it isn’t something that you should do every day, that will be too hard on your skin. More like 2 or 3 times a week is what you should aim for and like I said above this scrub would be good for that!

I like this product. It is a great concept because it is good as BOTH the mask and the scrub.

Did it make my face glow? Well, yeah kinda. I was shocked to see that after I used it I was “glow-y” not sure how long it lasted but I don’t think the value is in it’s ability to make us glow as it’s value is really in how good a mask and scrub it is.

Here is a link to purchase from Walmart.

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