Product Review: Garnier Skinactive 3 in 1 Rose Water Moisturizer

This is an interesting product. It’s new for 2019 and when I first heard of it I was intrigued. This product is billed as a day moisturizer, night moisturizer and a mask…hence the 3 in 1.

There are several products in the “3 in 1” line and I will be reviewing another one for a post I have planned.

Granier says that this moisturizer contains 96% naturally derived products. Now, no one really knows what that actually means but the bottle claims

“We consider an ingredient to be naturally-derived if it is unchanged from its natural state…”


I LOVE all things rose and one of my favorite things to use is a natural rose water (that’s coming in a featured product post this week). That was one of the things that first caught my attention. I can’t say that I could smell any rose in this product but I’ve read many reviewers who have. Maybe I was expecting too much. Not to say this smells bad, it doesn’t. It’s just a normal moisturizer smell.

The 3 in 1 aspect is really unusual in skincare there aren’t many available outside of the “lip to cheek” products.

I used this product in all three ways so I will review for you each way and then give my final recommendation.

This product contains 6.75 oz of product. It has a creamy texture with a pleasant (if not rose) smell.

#1 Morning

I used this a couple of times in my morning routine. I wasn’t impressed with it and here’s why. I prefer to keep my morning moisturizers on the lighter side, nothing heavy. This moisturizer which is good…was too heavy for me to use in the morning.

#2 Night

I used this in my nightly routine, which if you have followed me for a while then you know that’s extensive (go HERE to read about my routine). I couldn’t really find a spot for it in my routine. However, if you are new to moisturizing (if you are go HERE to read all about moisturizing) then this will be a good option, especially at night.

#3 Mask

Now this…this is where I loved this product the most. I have applied this as a mask a few times. Just apply a thick coating of the cream and sit for 10 minutes (for me about 20 minutes because it felt so good!) This feels like it just melts into your skin. When I went to wash it off, there wasn’t much to wash off because it had soaked into my face. For the price this, is a great mask option because of the amount of product you get. My face felt so soft and there was no tight feeling.

I recommend this product simply because there are many uses in one bottle. For those who are still working out their skin care routines this is a good option for night and morning. If you have a routine that you like and can’t find a spot for this, then using it as a mask is a MUST. I absolutely love this for the mask aspect.

You can get this for under ten dollars wherever Garnier products are sold. Click here for Walmart or Amazon.

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