LOVE and Lipstick

Lipstick is a great place to be daring.
To try something that you wouldn’t normally do; to live on the edge, so to speak. I mean, it’s just lipstick…it can wash off.

How many times do we as women, no matter our ages, get stuck in a rut. We do the same things over and over like a habit without even realizing it. I know this seems simple, like lipstick can change our lives, but maybe, just maybe, a new lipstick color can brighten our day.

It’s February the time of love, where pink and reds can be seen as far as the eye can see. Even in the makeup aisle. Maybe you think red lipstick isn’t for you. Maybe you haven’t ever used it. Maybe you think pink will clash with your hair or your clothes. Maybe you have a nude lipstick you love…and seriously nude lipstick is the BOMB…but maybe it’s time to try something new. Be daring!

Bobbi Brown the famous makeup revolutionary says to find a lipstick shade that looks good on your face without makeup. That’s great advice…I mean did I expect anything less from her. If your unsure about a shade of pink or red try it within the safety of your makeup mirror BEFORE you get dressed. Before you have your face complete and it’s time to walk our the door. Kinda takes the pressure off, right?

The amazingly awesome thing about lipstick is that within the scope of red or pink there are so many undertones in each variation. Making either color a possibility for every skin tone. You do, of course, have to take into account your skin tone.

There are literally thousands of red and pink lipstick options in the drugstore alone. I know there is a shade that is right for every one of you. See, what I did there? I knew you were thinking that there would be nothing for you.

I’ve scoured the internet (and my own lipstick collection) for the Top 5 red and pink lipsticks along with a few honorable mentions! Also, this week on my “Featured Product” on Instagram I will be reviewing some great lipsticks and giving you some dupes of prestige brands!

Let’s get started. Also, click the link for either Amazon or Walmart whichever was cheapest at the time!

The Reds

  1. Burt’s Bees Satin Lipstick in Scarlet Soaked

I want this one so bad but alas I haven’t found it…yet. Anyway, this one is a creamy sheer red made of 100% natural ingredients (like all their makeup products.) This one is low-maintenance, not one you will have to worry about staining your teeth.

2. L’Orèal Infallible Le Rouge in Ravishing Red

This one is Gwen Stefani’s signature red that is a soft finish that is somewhat glossy and somewhat matte.

3. e.l.f. Studio Matte Lip Color Ruby Red

This one is infused with Aragon oil, rose and vitamin E to help this matte lipstick from being too drying. This one will glide on easily for a vibrant red.

4. Wet n Wild MegaLast Lip Color in Stoplight Red

I couldn’t find a link that would give them to your cheaper than buying them at Walmart or Walgreens!

I can’t say enough about how much I LOVE these lipsticks. There…are…no…words. They are so good!! I have so many of them. The pigments are amazing and they are so creamy. Not drying in the least. These are a drugstore secret you girls have got to check out. This particular shade is a dupe for MAC’s Ruby Velvet. I own this and love it.

5. Revlon Super Lustrous in Certainly Red

This one is a creamy lipstick with a satiny finish rather than a matte one. Despite it being a satin it will still give you lots of color. It is a nice cherry red.

The Pinks

  1. Maybelline Color Sensational in All Fired UP

This pink is definitely PINK and not ashamed to admit it. However, it’s in a shade that can work for anyone. It’s a warm fuchsia and has a semi-matte finish. The texture of this line is said to be like butter. This one is a dupe for Chanel’s La Petillante.

2. Wet n Wild Megalast in Think Pink

The same for Think Pink as Stoplight Red

This lipstick will glide on your lips easily and with the addition of hyaluronic acid it won’t dry your lips. This one gives you options…dab it on light for a sweet pink lip…or press more firmly and you have a bolder pink lip. This one can be another option to help us live a little dangerously!

3. NYX Intense Butter Gloss in Merengue

My love for Butter Gloss is known. I posted about it in one of my first Instagram Featured Products posts…not in this color but the same line. I LOVE that lipgloss. Butter Gloss isn’t sticky and glides on like…well, butter.

4. L’Oreal Paris Color Riche in Peach Fuzz

This one is a peachy pink shimmer. It is a more subtle option than some of the other ones listed here. Maybe this could be for the girl who hasn’t worn lipstick in a while or has only used the same color for years. For sure I will be on the lookout for this on Friday.

5. Milani Statement Matte in Matte Darling

This lipstick is infused with Italian grape seed extract to help with moisturizing. Like all matte lipstick options they can be a little drying so make sure that you moisturize prior to wearing any matte lipstick.

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