My Moisturizer Favorites

Below are the moisturizers that I have discovered my face likes the best. I’m not including the cleansers or toners I use; that is a post for another date. If you already have a moisturizer you like maybe you will find one here that you will want to add to your routine. I started to see major changes in my face…for the better…when I added more than one moisturizer and began creating my moisturizing routine.

Do I do all these every day? UMMM no! but I do try. Are there nights I get into bed and remember I forgot to moisturize? Yep, just this week actually and I don’t usually get back up! However, I do try really really hard to do these both morning and night!

I don’t use every single one of these…every…single…time… but I do use the lightest to heaviest method when applying.

Reviews for all of these will be coming over the next few weeks!

The Lotions

Pond’s Rejuveness Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Day Time

I buy this one in a travel size because it is under $2 and it’s smaller if space is an issue!

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel

Day Time and Night Time

I choose this as my featured product on Instagram on Tuesday; it’s one of the new products I chose to try when I started my blog. I have to say it’s one of my favorite things so far (not my favorite that’s coming up next week) but definitely top two so far. I will continue to keep this in my routine. In case you missed it, this is what I wrote on Instagram…

I got the gel last week and I was BLOWN away with how awesome it is. First off Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Creme is full of hyaluronic acid. That’s a very powerful ingredient that has the ability to drench your skin in water and not require a heavy moisturizer. Every skin type can benefit from this product…even oily skin girls will love this! It will not clog pores which is a worry for some of us! It’s lightweight gel that glides onto your face as smooth and easy as water. It dries quick and matte making it great to apply under makeup. I can’t believe it’s a drugstore product that is available for under $20. I will absolutely without a doubt add this to my daily routine!

Olay Regenerist Whip

Night Time

The Retinals

Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Serum

Day Time and Night Time

Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream

Night Time

Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Daily Moisturizer

Day Time

The Eye Treatments

Retinol Correxion Eye Treament

Night Time

As you can see from the definite use of this product, it’s well loved!

Aquaphor Healing Ointment

Night Time

Yep! you read that right…I said…Aquaphor. If you have never used this as an under eye treatment you are in for a surprise. Like literally the next day I could tell a difference. I don’t do this every night. Maybe only a couple times a week and definitely if I know I have to get up super early or if I’ve been up later than normal. Try this!!

Garnier SkinActive Ultra-Lift Eye Cream

Day Time

Cold Weather

CeraVe Moisture Cream

Day Time and Night Time

I use this on my hands and feet all year long but only one my face during the winter when my face is extra dry.

Nivea Creme

Night Time

You girls know my love affair for this cream. If you’re not familiar read the second post on this blog! Like the CeraVe, I also use this cream on my hands and feet all year long.

Teddie Organic Rosehip Oil

Night Time

I will use this in the summer a few times a week.

My Top Three

If I suddenly found every bottle empty and I could only buy 3 of the above to replace them…which ones would I buy? Good question…glad you asked!

Here are my top three picks…

  • Nivea Creme
  • Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Serum
  • Pond’s Rejuveness Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Do any of you use these? If so let me know!

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