Moisturizing 101

First and foremost…it doesn’t matter if you have dry/sensitive, oily, normal or combination skin…all…types…of…skin…need…MOISTURIZING! Let me say it again…if you have skin, you need moisturizer. Now, not all moisturizers are created the same or meant for every skin type. We’ll cover all that in a bit.

The average human adult has 22 square feet or 8 pounds of skin. There are 3 primary layers to our skin. It is our overall largest organ. It takes five weeks for new skin to come to the surface. Our skin is made up of 64% water. We are definitely fearfully and wonderfully made, right.

Moisture is the oldest anti-aging trick in the book.

beautiful with brains

Moisture is how moisturizers work. No matter what else manufactures put into their products, it’s moisture that does the work. This important moisture is delivered in and through several methods but the important takeaway here is…moisture is what makes our wrinkles look smaller. Lets be honest, girls… that is all we want. The older we get it is even more important that we give our skin moisture.

Moisture will keep your skin plump, soft, and smooth.

Dehydrated skin will be skin that is often inflamed and prone to many breakouts.

The best moisturizer for us is the moisturizer that fits each of our skin’s needs. Here are some basic tips to help us with that.

You MUST drink water

I have used a water bottle like this for YEARS. It helps keep me accountable.

Our bodies, including our skin, need water to work correctly. Everyone needs at LEAST 8-10 glasses of water per day. A good rule of thumb is to consume half of your body weight in water per day. Skin cells, like all our other cells, are made up of water. Dry skin will become tight, and flakey in the absence of adequate water. Despite the fact that our skin is our largest organ, internal organs will get their necessary water before it reaches our skin. So, we have to make sure we are drinking a LOT of water each day. If you think you are drinking enough you probably aren’t…drink more!

Know your skin type

There are a few basic types of skin…normal, dry/sensitive, oily, and combination. Knowing your skin type is important because that determines the type of moisturizer you need. Our skin is intelligent; using the wrong type of cleanser or moisturizer can result in our skin preforming in a manner that isn’t needed or necessary and sometimes even harmful.

Here is a quick visual examination to determine your skin type if you don’t already know:

  1. In the morning make sure that you wash your face once but do nothing else…do not apply makeup or moisturizer
  2. Do not touch your face until around noon…if your entire face looks shiner compared to the morning you have oily skin
  3. If your T-Zone (the area of your face that forms a T from forehead, nose, and chin) is shiny but the rest is pretty much the same that’s combination skin
  4. If your skin looks the same as when you woke up then you have normal skin
  5. If you see dry patches maybe some peeling or redness , or if your face has a tight feeling to it you have dry/sensitive skin

Don’t worry, tomorrow we will get into more of what moisturizer each skin type needs.

Know the difference between night and day moisturizing

Day creams and night creams are not made the same. Before I started investigating all this years ago, I thought that manufacturers put the “night” or “day”on the bottle to sell more moisturizers. After some research, I quickly discovered that wasn’t the case.

During the day, the most important thing your skin needs is SPF. It NEEDS sunscreen. Day creams are also lighter in texture so that our makeup goes on more smoothly.

Our skin needs to repair itself at night. Cell turnover happens when we are in REM sleep…see there really is something called beauty sleep! The hydration level of our skin is much lower at night. Night creams will contain retinals and peptides that will help soothe and repair.

Know the terms

I will get into this in more detail in tomorrow’s post but there are some important terms that every girl should know when choosing the correct moisturizer…ceramides, hyaluronic acid, retinols, peptides, and many more. Knowledge really is power and the more you know the more you can help your skin. As you will see, it isn’t always necessary to spend tons of money to have well nourished skin. In fact, some drugstore products preform at, or above, the level of department store products. The key is to use the right product for your skin’s needs.

Don’t Rub

Massage gently…do…not…rub. Rubbing can weaken the skin’s barrier and cause inflammation which in turn can leave your skin vulnerable to bacteria which will ultimately result in…a pimple! YIKES!!! Also, rubbing too hard can cause you to over-exfoliate your skin which will lead to dry patchy spots. Massaging will increase the blood flow to your skin allowing your skin to absorb the products.

Layer Correctly

Moisturizers will work more effectively if they are applied in a certain order. Now, I can imagine what some of you might be thinking..YES, you need more than ONE moisturizer. I’ll cover more of this tomorrow but a good rule of thumb is apply from lightest to thickest.

Apply to wet skin…NOT DRY

Damp skin absorbs and holds in the product better than dry skin. That is probably contrary to what we might assume; we might think that dry skin would just soak up the products but not really.

Always do the Patch Test

Always…always…test new products. Especially if you are adding several new never before products that could contain things like retinals or if you know you have sensitive skin. Do a quick test on your neck before adding it to your face.

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