Product Review…L’Oreal Paris Unlimited Lash Lengthening and Lifting Mascara

L’Oreal Paris Unlimited Lash Lengthening and Lifting Mascara

Going into this review I was a little biased to this mascara because I LOVE L’Oreal mascara. I think they do a lot of things right in this department. I actually use a L’Oreal mascara now, and my most favorite ever and ever eyelash product is from this company (I’ll get into that later.) Every review I read when I was searching for blog content raved about this mascara. One even went so far as to say this mascara belonged in a high end makeup store. Anyway, I had high hopes.

45 degree angle

One of the most unique things about it, aside from the bottle shape, is the wand. This wand changes angles allowing for a better reach at the root of your lashes. It’s important, when applying mascara, that you coat from lash root to lash tip. If you only apply to the tips they will become heavy and weighted down. The 45 degree angle tilt of this brush will help with that.

This product was originally only offered in France, but this January the company launched it in the states. Thank goodness because we NEED this mascara girls, we really do.

the wand without the angle

The box says that it will last 24 hours without needing to be reapplied. It also won’t flake towards the end of your day and you won’t end up with those dreaded raccoon eyes…you know what I mean! I can report that it survived my Sunday afternoon nap like a champ.

Now, let me tell you a little bit about my lashes. They aren’t thin but they are not thick either. They are kinda coarse, but there is absolutely no curl to them. They stick straight out. I never apply mascara to my bottom lashes; I don’t know why, I just think it looks better on me…and I ALWAYS curl them even if I’m not wearing mascara!

In order to give you girls the best review possible, I applied this mascara a few different ways and I will review each way.

Without curling

I mentioned that I always curl and I do. I can’t remember a time that I wore mascara without curling first but I did with this one. Guess what…??? It worked. I was shocked when I was applying and my lashes were curling up…that…never…happens. They stayed curled the whole day. For that reason alone, I LOVED this product, but for you girls I kept on trying it out.

With Curling

Honestly, I COULD NOT tell a whole lot of difference between when I curled my lashes and when I didn’t. Again, (I know I’m repeating) BUT…This never happens to me. I always have to use my trusty curling wand. Using the Unlimited Mascara can mean throwing away that eyelash curling wand…I won’t but I could.

With primer

L’Oreal Voluminous Primer Mascara

Now this…girls…this…stuff…is AWESOME. Like I love this like I love my favorite pair of shoes. You get what I mean? This stuff can make any mascara good. I’ve used tubes of it. So, what happened when I used my beloved primer with this new magic mascara. Only good things, my friend, only good things. Like my lashes looked like I had extensions, I don’t, but on that day it looked like I did!

My recommendation?? If you are in the market for a new mascara or maybe you never know which one of the hundreds to choose from.


I will be adding this to my makeup drawer!

Some basic information you might need…it comes in two colors blackest black (the one I choose), black brown, and for those girls who need it there is a waterproof option. I purchased it from Walmart for $10.97 Click on the links below if you want to order.

Amazon is the only place I could find the waterproof one.

Amazon has the washable one but it’s $12.99.

Walmart has the washable one.

Here is the PRIMER that everyone needs! Although over at Amazon you can get it cheaper as an add on item.

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