Jergens All Purpose Face Creme

What I use and what I love…

Jergens Face Cream

This one is a hidden gem. In fact, given it’s vintage appearance you might wonder if it’s an antique.

It’s not…Jergens Face Cream, is still available, thank goodness.

I pulled the tub out a few weeks ago to show my sister in law and she asked me exactly how long I’ve had it. I promise, it’s new. I even took a picture of it on the shelf this weekend.

Family Dollar Adamsville Tn.

I stumbled upon this quiet by accident. Not gonna lie, the vintage appearance is most likely what caught my eye but after one use I was hooked.

Cleansing creams ,or cold creams, are used to remove makeup, dirt, oil, and sweat (you get the picture) from your skin. There is also the benefit of moisturizing at the same time they are doing all this other stuff…dry skin here!! Cold creams have been used for hundreds of years. These creams clean well without damaging and over drying the skin.

For me though, it’s the makeup removal aspect that made me a faithful user. I mean, this stuff just makes the makeup melt off your skin; unlike anything I’ve ever used before. As a general rule, I only wear waterproof mascara on special occasions, but when I do, this cream takes it off without any problem. If you wear or have ever worn waterproof mascara you know how hard removal can become. Not with this, whether you wear a full face of highlight, contouring, and bronzer or just the basics this stuff will work wonders.

So, how does it work?

It’s a very creamy product that goes on quiet easily. Just rub some of the cleansing cream onto your face, all over. Then, and this is an important step, wipe off the cream with a makeup wipe or if you prefer wash your face. BAM! makeup is gone. What your left with is a soft makeup free face.

It has a mild scent kinda like roses and baby powder. If smells can be vintage, it’s kinda vintage too.

This cleansing cream is a gentle easy way to clean your face everyday for a price of about $4. This is one of my staples. It would take something incredibly special to make me switch.

Get it. You will not be disappointed. If you are local I got mine from Family Dollar. If not here’s a link for Walmart. 

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