Shave Your Face…

Yep, you heard me and I’m not talking to your dad, your husband or your son. Nope, girl, I’m talking to you.


A few months ago I was reading a blog I like and she was giving her readers some advice her Esthetician gave her. According to her, every girl should be shaving her face.

Now, I know what your thinking.

“Kirstie, if I shave my face will I grow a beard?”.

I was right?? You were thinking it…

Well the answer to your question is…No, you won’t grow a beard. Guys have a hormone called androgens. Those hormones stimulate the production of large “beard” hairs. Women, do not have androgens. So, we aren’t going to suddenly, as a result of shaving, grow a beard. The hair follicles of females won’t produce the hair of males. Not to mention we don’t suddenly grow more new hair follicles just because we shave. Whew…yay!

Nope, the only result from shaving your face is a clean soft hair-free exfoliated face.

Have you ever heard of the fancy spa treatment, dermaplaning? Basically it’s an exfoliation technique, where the top layer of skin is taken off. Kinda like shaving. The habit of shaving their faces for most of their lives could account for why men age so gracefully. They are constantly exfoliating their skin.

According to a quick google search, women facial shaving has been around for years. It is said that Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe both shaved their faces.

I started shaving my face regularly in October…here are some of my observations.

  • my facial hair HAS NOT changed…still the same amount and texture as before I started shaving
  • my make up looks so much better, more smooth. I can definitely tell that it goes on better
  • my moisturizer really seems more effective when I use it after shaving.
  • my face is so soft…like beyond soft.
  • it does NOT hurt but it does seem a little weird at first.

I shave about once a week but if I forget it might be every two weeks. I, personally shave dry, but you can wet your face first. It’s also important to immediately moisturize afterward.

I will not go back to a time when I don’t shave my face!

Now, this is what I want you to do. I want you to shave from your forehead (watch those eyebrows) to your chin and your nose to your ear. Basically…your…whole…face! Be Prepared! that first shave is gonna be unusual and what you get off your face is gonna be kinda freaky, but you will be hooked!

A word of caution, if you have sensitive skin then you know what your skin can deal with and what it can’t. Definitely test in out on a small spot first and be cautions of applying moisturizer immediately afterward.

I use the razors pictured above. They are the best. I ordered mine from Amazon. Here’s the link

So, Girl…Go…Shave…Face!

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