Product Review: Nivea Creme

As I have previously stated, one of my hobbies is finding drugstore dupes of high-end or prestige products. I don’t have a problem with prestige brands; I mean they are great, the best of the best. For me, the fun is in finding something just as good for a fraction of the price.

A dupe isn’t a fake, it’s a product that is a kind of “duplicate” if you will of another product. A product that is great in and of itself but made better because it is similar in ingredients, function, or appearance of a product that cost more money.

I will definitely have many many dupes to offer you!

Here is my first, and what might be my favorite!

The product on top is Crème de la Mer or Le Mer for short. Last year I was reading an article and the author was telling of the amazing power contained in this bottle. There was star after star who swore by the magic in this moisturizer. It has gained cult status. I was hooked. I wanted some. I immediately began searching for where to buy it. Didn’t take long into my search to find out I wasn’t going to be buying this…for a mere $325 you can own 2 ounces of this stuff. No, that’s not a typo you read it right. In case you need more, for $2,160 you can own 16 ounces.

I immediately began the hunt for a dupe.

Not only did I find a dupe but I found a product that completely changed my skin. My OG. The product I’d take on a dessert island.

The product on the bottom…Nivea Creme. This creme has been around for about 100 years. It’s a classic in it’s own right. Your grandma may have had it in her bathroom.

In the interest of honesty, I didn’t discover this dupe on my own. A simple google search yielded these results. Both Le Mer and Nivea have almost the same ingredients. There are some differences of course, but the two are so close. They are close in texture both have a thick creamy feel to them. I can’t tell you exactly what Le Mer feels like or smells like (although, I have read they smell very similar) because I have never and probably will never own any.


I can tell you about Nivea. It’s definitely a heavy creme, and there is a slight greasy feel the first moment you apply it but that disappears quiet quickly. I am VERY DRY SKINED, think the Sahara Desert and you got my skin. This stuff is able to keep me hydrated all day without having to reapply. I put this everywhere, all over my body; even my face, especially my face and that’s where I have noticed the most drastic change.

Basically, this creme will change your skin.

I realize how dramatic that sounds, yet, it is the truth…this…creme…is…AWESOME!

Let’s Get to the Details

If you live in Adamsville I got mine at Family Dollar but if you don’t you can get it HERE!

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